The Logo Company Explainer Video

Our Brand New Explainer Video

Please find below our new explainer video for The Logo Company. Not only does it explain who we are but it also shows how we work. Our thousands of happy testimonials also shows that we are the right logo design company for you. If you are serious about getting an effective, classy and perfect logo design and want to trust someone that has been in business for over 23 years then you have come to the right place. 

Why Create An Explainer Video?

Most importantly, explainer videos are a great way to quickly and effectively communicate your website’s message and benefits to visitors. For instance, they can help increase engagement, build trust, and improve your brand’s awareness. As more businesses realize the importance of visual media in capturing today’s audience’s attention, explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular. By showcasing your website’s unique selling proposition, you can help visitors understand how your website can solve their problem. Not only can this generate interest, but it can also potentially boost sales. Furthermore, research shows that video content is a powerful tool for increasing user engagement.

Different Explainer Video Styles

Of course there are several different styles of explainer videos. I can mention a few below: 

1. Animated videos: Above all, explainer videos use 2D or 3D animation to visually represent ideas and concepts in a lively and engaging way. Also good in simplifying complex concepts. For instance, they can be used for various purposes and are cost-effective. Basically, personal and memorable. For more animated logos check out the recent animated portfolio

2. Whiteboard videos: Most of all these videos visually shows complex information in engaging snippets. Usually made for creating explainer videos, marketing content, or training materials. Very cost-effective and highly accessible as they don’t require expensive filming equipment or actors. Whiteboard videos can be easily shared online to anyone interested in watching. Overall, they are an efficient way of showing ideas and engaging with your audience. Normally, these videos use a hand-drawn illustration style to tell a story or explain a concept.


Explainer Videos That Increase Audience Engagement


3. Screencast videos: Capture a screen recording of a product or software being used, with a voiceover narration. I think that, screencast videos are a great way to demonstrate software and tools effectively. They allow users to follow along, providing a clear and precise instructional format. Screencast explainer videos are easy to create and can be paused, rewound, and watched again. Therefore, offering a flexible learning experience.  In summary, screencast videos are an invaluable tool for education and audience engagement. Not the most common use for websites. 


4. Live-action videos: Usually, more authentic and emotionally engaging, with real-life actors and environments. Offering a greater range of storytelling options and techniques, such as visual effects and different camera angles. Furthermore can be seen as more grounded and relatable. Making them more accessible and attractive to a variety of audiences. Most importantly, these are videos that feature real people, filmed with a camera, to tell a story or provide information.


More Cost Efficient Explainer Videos


5. Kinetic typography videos: Use moving text and graphics to illustrate concepts, often set to music or a voiceover. However, the main thing is using motion graphics and animated text that it can be used for promotion or instruction. Furthermore, the dynamic movement gets viewers’ attention, while the typography and layout makes the message is easy to read. Combining kinetic typography with other elements creates a more delightful experience. Above all, a powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking for a attractive way to communicate their message.


6. Infographic videos: These explainer videos use graphics and data visualizations to explain complex information and data. For instance by simplifying complex information using visual language, engage viewers, boost brand awareness, improve retention. Making videos more shareable on social media, and cost-effective for startups and small businesses.

All of these styles can be effective, depending on the message being conveyed and the audience being targeted. 

Last Few Words From The Logo Company

In conclusion, I would like to say that it really is up to you which style of explainer video that you choose. Who are you trying to please really? You do have to like it yourself. I really like our Explainer Video that FatJoe made for us. 


Photo of Linda. The Logo Company is my passion and here I share an explainer video for the TLC

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