Two Ways to Partner with The Logo Company

1. Join Our Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program to start earning by pointing your users to our site. You get a referral link to send people our way via your website, social media or email. You will be paid 20% commission on any orders placed via your link.

Sign up in 2 minutes by clicking the button below. It couldn’t be easier to earn money! Learn more More information about joining the program

2. Become a White Label Reseller

Who Are Logo Design Resellers?

Web designers, serial entrepreneurs, marketing consultants, advertising agencies and other logo designers use our white label logo design service. As an extension to their in-house design teams. We’re completely discreet and 100% risk free. More importantly, you set your own prices for your clients.

Above all, you get all the benefit of using our large creative design team without you having to invest in the back end. Furthermore, we can add value to your existing services and leverage our 20 years plus experience of delivering first rate quality and service which is going to reflect positively on you. So, it really does not get better than this!

Who Qualifies to Join Our White Label Reseller Program?

For instance, if logo design, marketing material design, web design and print are services you could offer to your clients, you can become a member of our white label reseller program. There is no cost to join and you benefit from premium service whilst paying lower prices than our normal clients. We have existing resellers selling our logo designs for several hundred dollars per project. Furthermore, we have several who sell logo design for over $1000 a time to clients via the reseller program. Above all, the real beauty of a white label program like ours is that you set your own prices, then sit back and let us do the hard lifting.

How The White Label Reseller Program Works

Most importantly, we make it really easy for you to place your logo design orders. For instance, you can either email in some basic information, fill out a brief questionnaire . Even speak to us on the phone. Of course, you pay using a secure payment link for 30% less than our list prices. Then, you will have access to our project management system, where you can communicate with us. About the designs or anything else. Don’t worry, your clients will never know who we are because it is a completely white label reseller program. Most importantly, they will think they are dealing directly with you. Above all, your clients designs will never appear in our portfolio. Furthermore, you will be free to add the designs to your own portfolio because you will be the owner of the finished product.

What Do You Get As A Reseller

Most of all, our reseller logo design service is very fast. In just 3 working days you will have at least 5 initial designs for your client to view. The Logo Order Process You get unlimited design changes and as many redraws as it takes to impress your client. So you see, this service is uncompromising in every aspect. Any resellers revisions required are presented back to you in just 2 working days. Final file formats (including the fully editable vector master file) are ready in just 2 working days from design acceptance. We give you a full no quibble money back guarantee all the way up to final design acceptance or a whole 90 days from the start of the design project. You will find it hard to get a better guarantee anywhere and your clients will feel safe knowing their investment is protected.

Why Partner With The Logo Company?

Both The Wall Street Journal and Wired magazine voted us the best online option for logo design when they pitted us against some of our peers in a “secret shopper” trial. These tests were held several years apart. Remarkably, the top marks received from both are testiment to our consistent quality of service. INC magazine and Entrepreneur recommend our logo design service. Trust Pilot gives The Logo Company a rating of “Excellent” and nearly all scores 5 out of 5. With over 1000 reviews our clients rave about the service they receive and the creativity of our design team.

All the designs we provide are unique, original and drawn from scratch. Above all, this is very hard to verify when using a crowd source option for logo design. (using a crowdsource website for your clients projects can also backfire if your client sees their project posted online). Our client list includes; Loreal, Exxon Mobil, Duracell, Kraft, US Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard. Other clients, that have us on their preferred supplier list for graphic design include; the US Government, several Police Departments and thousands of small to medium sized businesses up and down the country. The Logo Company has been in business for over 20 years and has a turnover of several million dollars. You will find it hard to locate another logo design company on the internet that has so many positive signals of trust and reliability. 

How to Get Started To Become A Reseller

Simply complete this contact form and that guarantees acceptance to the white label reseller program . Then, you will receive an email the next working day or sooner, containing all the information you need to get started. You will also get an account set up in the project management system where you can manage your design projects as soon as you place your first order. Most of all, you can start gaining clients right away from day one. For instance, there are no minimum quantities or minimum order values, just send in your order with the payment and we get started on it right away.

I’m looking forward to bringing your own dream to life so you too can benefit from the solid foundation a professional logo brings allowing you to develop your business in to a winning brand.

The Logo Company