Top 20 Rude Logos

Why did not anyone stop and think before creating these bad logo logo designs!.

Let’s talk about rude logo design. I know we have all seen them before, creative logos that have captured our imaginations. More importantly, burned their brand into our psyches and made us willingly part with our hard-earned cash.

I have over the years seen many bad logos, which are memorable for all the wrong reasons. However strange it sound, it’s true. Why do we remember them better then the good logos you might wonder. 

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Bad Logos

Firstly, we thought we’d take a look at some of the bad logos around the world that should have definitely considered a re-design before launching to the viewing public. The rude logos mentioned below all have logos that don’t manage to convey the right message. Incredible but true that some of them (unintentionally) conveying something darn right rude. So, without further ado, we present to you some of the funniest, rudest and simply wrong rude logo design of the world. Im sure you will agree that most should never have made it past the drawing board. Well, all of them actually, come to think about it. 

Our Top 30 Rude Logo Design (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Rude logo design. Really rude. I m can did anyone look at it?
So incredibly rude. I mean bad logos come in all shapes but this one must win a prize I think.
Bad logos like this one. Who looked at it before printing it.
It does what it says on the tin. Must win second prize in this
Clothing For The Independent Woman. I mean come in. That is not right.
Nothing says independent woman and shopping like a cat’s bottom
Rude logo if ever I have seen one. Make sure your marketing department thinks before the buy.
One man’s temple is another man’s bum cleavage?
This was created to promote health but it does look slightly off to be promoting anything professional at all.
What type of health are they promoting?!

Kudawara Pharmacy decided on an interested look for their rude logo design.
Oh dear….what can I say !
Showing off your sign but not in a good way. Actually this dental look n a pretty bad one.
A flashing tooth is never a laughing matter
Strange character logo design. Not too sure what they are trying to prevent.
Scary and slight unnerving – not really sure what message they’re trying to convey
Rude logo design for a medical company.
Apparently this is a logo for a medical company in Scandinavia. No words!

In n conclusion, you just have to sigh and laugh. How on earth could anyone create these?.  Rude logo design is not and should not be a way to attract people’s attentions but it does. How could the logo designer imagine this and then a company actually paying to print and use bad logos like these? I don’t think I will ever understand it however it does happen. I think we get a bit caught up in what’s cool and what’s not to actually think.. hang on this is rude logo design is too much for anyone. Take a look at these rude tattoos. They are at least laughable. Funny bad tattoos

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