The Easiest Way to Draw a Logo

How to draw a logo ? Well, for most of us you need to hire a professional logo designer to get it right. However in this article I still want to talk to you about easy logo to draw. Mostly so that you know exactly what is involved if you want to create your own. At least this can help when you to fill out our logo brief.

Below you can find two of our professional logos not easy logos to draw at all. 

Arts and craft logo not an easy logo to draw and made by a professional. A cute bee standing in the middle of the name Crafting busy bee
First responder and rescue logo made by a profession and not easy logo to draw. Two snakes twisting themselves up

Basic Logo Drawing Techniques

Of course to draw a logo by yourself can be daunting, and you will need to know about some basic drawing techniques to attempt it.

A good idea is to start by sketching your ideas on paper to eventually get to the last stage and finalize them on a digital platform. To get to the end, there are several things that you need to consider and we will go through the steps. 

Basic logo technique for easy logo to draw involves using simple shapes, avoiding too many colors and trying to stay away from too many details that can take away the focus from your message. Secondly you need to consider your font choice and typography. Do add your personal touch but avoid decorative not easy to draw logo fonts. 

Ensure that the font legible at any size as you will print this logo on all sorts of advertising material. Thirdly, do experiment with negative space to draw a logo, to create visual interest.


And finally, remember to keep it timeless and memorable. With these basic techniques in mind, you can draw a logo that shows  your brand with style and simplicity.

Sound easy right? Well, yes and no. Let’s dive a little deeper into this stay by step logo drawing guide that gives a bit more input. 

Step-by-Step Logo Drawing Guide

Logo drawing is a professional art and I am  not saying that you should draw a logo  yourself and expect it to be an easy ride. But it will give the designers a better idea of what you like if you do a first attempt in for example, Canva

So, before embarking on logo drawing, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the brand’s identity and who you are trying to sell to..Therefore, it is important to choose colors that align with the personality and brand story. Additionally, it is essential to choose a font that is legible and goes well with the brand’s identity.


  • 1. Start by researching and brainstorming ideas for your logo design.

When sketching the initial concepts, it is important to explore various options and approaches to settle on the best design. Use your imagination.

  • 2. Sketch out rough ideas and concepts on paper.

Draw just about anything that comes to your mind. Play around with ideas and do like you did in school. Cut shapes, color and glue stuff together that you like. 

  • 3. Choose your preferred design and start creating it digitally

There are many platforms that you can choose from so its just a question of taste really. Remember that you need to be careful to sign up to things that will cost you a monthly fee, then hiring a proper designer usually ends up cheaper and better.

  • 4. Focus on creating a simple and memorable design using clean lines and minimal colors.

The colors that you pick are going to be crucial for your brand’s identity for a long time so don’t pick too many. It will cost a lot every time you print your design. Remember one thing, colors evoke emotions and can impact how the brand is perceived. Check out our color emotion guide for more information on the matter. 

  • 5. Ensure your logo is easily recognizable and works well across a range of mediums and sizes..

Put your easy logo to draw on different materials to see if you still can see the brand name clearly. 

  • 6. Test your logo in different contexts to ensure it looks good and works as intended.

For example, make sure you are not offending anyone by not respecting their culture. You might not know it but some cultures are not similar to yours and some words or names of companies are just offensive. Therefore make sure you ask around.

  • 7. Consider hiring a professional designer 

I am not just saying that because I have created logos for the last 24 years but really, you should consider it as in the long run it will bet better for you. If you loose your files for example, we have an archive that keeps all our previous customers logos safe. That is worth a lot in my eyes. 

Effortless Logo Sketching Tip

Entertainment logo with cinema sailor. A sailor looking out from the top of the ship. Detailed logo not easy logo to draw
Cute kitty in a pink circular logo. Detailed design

The sketching part of a logo is by far the most important part of creating a logo for yourself. To make it as effortless as possible use just a simple pen. Take your time and don’t give up. Sketching is not easy and you need to practise like with everything else in life. 

More importantly, to make this process easier, start by brainstorming and writing down all your ideas on paper. Elen if they sound mad to you.

Then, simplify and look at your designs by focusing on the main elements. Try removing any unnecessary details. In fact, using basic shapes can also be helpful in creating a clean edgy logo. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors. 

Master the Art of Logo Creation

So you have decided to give it a go and draw a logo. Creating a good logo involves passion and understanding of the art of design. Two things that a lot of people don’t possess. You might be the best in gardening or cooking but that does not meant that you can make an easy logo to draw that looks good.

After all, the perfect logo for your company will need to be tested and drawn multiple times.  So, to master the art of logo creation, it is important to follow a specific logo process.

For us that involves the customer filling out a logo brief, doing research, sketching out multiple ideas, refining the best ones, and finally, presenting the finished product to the client. Sounds easy but it is rather complex and even an emotional journey for everyone involved. 

In addition, it is important to keep up with current design trends. To constantly improve and seek feedback from others. A logo is your face. What you want it to say basically. 

When creating the final design, it is important to ensure that it is versatile enough to be used in various contexts, such as on websites, business cards, and social media profiles. The logo should also be scalable and maintain its quality when resized. The perfect logo dimension is important to consider. 

Simple Logo Drawing Methods

What methods should you use to make an easy to draw logo ? Well, logo design requires a good amount of creativity and precision.

I would recommend making simple logos as they can be effectively designed using basic drawing tools and techniques. Basically its not rocket science. First method use simple geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, and triangles.

Another method is to focus on typography, using interesting fonts. Well at least that you find them interesting. Thirdly, try negative space, that we mentioned before but it does required a lot of thoughts and a bit of intelligence for that to work well.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to try it yourself and make an easy logo to draw then after experimenting with various methods, we can conclude that the easiest way to draw a logo is by using vector based software.


At least, these programs offer efficient tools for creating clean and scalable designs. Moreover so that it actually might look professional. Sketching out ideas beforehand is crucial. Additionally, trying font options and different color palettes can help to finalize the design.


Avoid doing too much with the design with unnecessary elements such as detailed illustrations etc..


Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment until you find a design that truly represents your brand. Or, better still order from The Logo Company to get it right the first time. 

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