Designing a Logo for Your Retail Business

Logos are iconic. Sometimes, the logos are more recognizable than a company name. If you were to drive down a highway and see the green mermaid, you automatically knew that you were in getting close to a Starbucks. The big red target of the massive retail store is no question, one of the most well-known logos of our time. Some of the largest businesses in the world will spend millions of dollars designing a logo and maintaining that image for the entire business’ life. Some will even undergo a makeover just so they can keep up with the latest trends. Older companies who have been in business for decades are always upgrading their images and their logos follow suit.



Why Logos are Important in Retail

When consumers see a logo, they automatically connect that image to your business. Logos provide a symbol for your company. They allow your employees and consumers to see what your company represents and how you plan to deliver service, all in one picture or symbol. Sometimes, consumers would identify with a logo over your actual company name. It is not an insult. It is a reality. Plus, if they can recognize your logo through a sea of business, that is considered to be a compliment. It means your logo has in some way, resonated with them.


If you want people to recognize your logo as if it were a household name, then you also have to maintain good business practices to back that up. Your logo represents your value, something you need to upkeep. Let’s say your logo has an image of a man shaking another man’s hand. This logo is supposed to represent community and humanity. However, if you have poor customer service and have shown no evidence of community involvement within your organization, then your business practices have no relation to your logo.


Choosing a Design

When it comes to designing your logo, you must be very purposeful and careful. It is highly recommended that you work with a professional design company. They have the experience and professionalism to deliver what you want and what you need. They also have the resources available to produce some of the most top-notch and unique designs for your business. Hiring a logo design business also allows them to create multiple options for you so that you do not have to feel tied down to any single design.


If you do not have the means to hire a company, you should understand that it will take some time before you can fully create one that meets your needs. You may feel frustrated, but that is the beauty in the process. This logo will most likely be permanent so it is important that it turns out exactly the way that you want it. It will take a few times at the drawing board but that is completely normal. It is better to not rush anything and to spend extra time to make sure your final product is ideal.


As you go over designs for your logo, make sure to keep it purposeful and easy to read. You do not want people having to guess what it is or be confused about how it relates to your company. As a customer sees it, you want his or her reaction to be “Oh, that’s neat!” OR “Oh! I get it!” These types of responses are what you should be aiming for. They help validate that the logo you designed makes sense with what your business is all about. Branding is very important for a business. Having a logo that stands out and catches a customer’s attention is a great way to boost that brand image.



Ways to Use Your Logo

Now that you have developed a logo and decided on the final aspect of it, you have to figure out where you are going to put it. Some companies have multiple logos where they may place certain ones on certain things just because it makes more sense that way. For instance, Nike places their iconic “swoosh” sign on a lot of their clothing products, but their headbands just have the iconic bold word “NIKE” on them. If you have signs or business cards, it is always a good idea to put your logo on these so it gives people more chances to be exposed to your logo. Throw the image on some letterheads, packaging, you name it. If you own a restaurant, put that logo on napkins or mints. There is a good chance that someone outside the establishment will be exposed to it and that is advertising at its finest.


You also want to include your logo on any electronic things relating to your business. If you have social media accounts, which you definitely should in the business world, then you may have your logo as your profile picture or cover photo. This helps spread more exposure of your logo and being the profile picture really highlights what your company looks like. You can also add your logo to the end of every email as an electronic signature. This way, it is not only about your customers seeing your business name at the end of an email. They can see your logo alongside it, too.



There is no question or denying that a logo is good for business. It serves as an easy way for businesses to engage with their audiences. Having a logo that is purposeful, creative and iconic can be something that really boosts your business’ brand and success. A logo serves as that signpost for customers to recognize your business. This is why is essential for you to have something worth their time and attention span. A great logo can also be something that your employees identify with. Businesses run well when they can retain their employee workforce. So, you should have a logo that coincides with your company values and practices. Then, your employees will continue to do a great job. They believe in it just as much as you do.

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