Dive Right In! How to Market and Brand Your Pool and Spa Business

How do you market your pool business?

Well, above all, a day at the pool is a day well spent so to market your pool business should be easy, right ? Especially for the summer season, having a pool or spa is considered a novelty and necessity for those hot, sunny days. For a pool and spa business, you must have strategic marketing and branding methods in place for your business plan. It is best practice to be able to attract customers with buying your product. You also want to give them a chance to see why your business is better than the competition. You should be able to show them why your business is unique and that they are making the better decision by doing business with you.

Lovely blue inviting pool is a good image to use when you market your pool business

Pool and Spa Marketing Techniques

One of the first things you need to establish is targeting specific audiences. Your consumer market can range from residential and/or commercial. Once you decide who your audience is, you can begin to design a smart business plan to cater to their needs and get them to buy from you. You must engage with them and create options that fit their demands. A homeowner may want to install a small-sized pool for their yard while a hotel owner is looking to install an Olympic-sized pool for hotel guests. Understanding your customer base is the first step towards developing a great marketing plan.

Building business partnerships is another good method for marketing your pool and spa company. This community will help other spa and pool business owners in your circle to refer customers to you as you would do the same for them. For instance, homeowners may have purchased a brand new residence from a home contractor. Building a relationship with this contractor can mean that he will refer his client to you for any pool and spa service. Another great resource to use as a partner is a real estate agent as he or she can refer your business to sellers and buyers.

To Brand or Market Your Pool Business Takes Time and Planning

Marketing means that you should cater to the needs of the consumers. Your consumers will possess different professions and income levels. Providing your customers with multiple options is a good way to show them you care about their affordability means. Plus, you are more likely to get a sale when you can offer a variety of price options instead of just one expensive one. This will help to add a boost to your sales and revenue. This is better than not making a sale based on customers not being able to afford your initial product/service.


Strong Online Presence

Business brand means that people should know who you are. In the millennial-dominated world, having a strong online presence is key to being a top leader in the pool and spa business. One way to have a strong presence online is by having an optimized website. Your website should not only include all of your services offered and contact information but it should also employ SEO strategies to put you at the top of search engine lists. With so much competition, you want to show why your business is the best in the local market. On your website, be sure to include links to your social media pages as well as review platforms such as Yelp or Google Business. Consumers use different platforms for different reasons so having an account for each of those will help increase your exposure.

Be the Professional when you brand your business 

Another way to brand your business is to show that you are a master of your profession. You can hold workshops for customers such as how to care for their pool and spa. Providing these workshops show your customers that you are experienced and this gives them the confidence to work with you. You can also provide pamphlets to your customers giving them step-by-step processes on how to clean their pools. Or, you can give them information on what temperatures are safe for their spas.


As mentioned with your strong online presence, providing opportunities for customers to give feedback and reviews for your business is vital for your brand. You can create accounts for TrustPilot and Google Business so that customers can begin writing reviews for your company. Potential customers like to read reviews and experiences before they decide who they want to work with. This referral process is something they rely on to receive good, quality service. As the company being reviewed, make sure that you stay on top of the reviews and address any issues that arise.

Gorgeous hotel pool in New York City. To market your pool company you need to be the professional and know your stuff.


Logo Design for Your Business

Having the perfect pool logo is just as important to your business as your marketing and branding strategies. You want your pool logo to display who you are as a company. This would be a good time for you to decide what your message is how it will be conveyed in your logo. Keeping your audience and business mission in mind, how might you develop an image that represents your company well?

It is also a good idea to follow trends in the business market. Many popular logos have become more simplistic, yet modern and innovative. When you think about iconic logos, you think of big business leaders such as Apple or Nike. These brands are recognizable through their logos without the need for their business name attached to them. Furthermore, your spa logo should be just as innovative to compete in the industry. You may want to utilize the resources of a professional logo designer to create your logo. Having a good logo can mean the difference between your business’ success and your competition.

From the color combinations down to the lines of the graphic, be mindful about how you design your logo. It should help to illustrate your business and overall vision for your company. You want to show your customers what your pool and spa business can do and what you value as a company.


Your pool and spa business can be a successful company as long as you implement strong marketing and branding strategies. Being able to employ these methods can ensure that your business will thrive in a saturated market. As long as people continue to enjoy the novelties of soaking by the pool or spa, your business can capitalize on this and provide them with the best service.

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