Hallelujah! How to Start Your Church Performance Group

If you feel that you have a strong faith in your religion, and you happen to have a special skill set in the performing arts, you may want to put together a church performance group! Consider where your talents lie and see if you have any like-minded friends that share that passion. Of course, your performance group could only include yourself. There are many outlets for performing in churches, and you are bound to identify with one of them.

Once you’ve decided how you will perform in churches, you will have to create a detailed branding plan and marketing plan. Take the time to consider the message your performance group is trying to deliver, and remember to practice as often as possible. You will also have to develop a strategy to spread the word about your group so you can get gigs.

What It’s Like to Perform in Churches

There are many different styles of performances that can take place in a church. The most popular type of performance group is likely a musical group or band. A band can be purely instrumental, or it could include a group of singers. Choirs are also a very common type of group to perform in churches. Aside from musical groups, theater groups perform in churches as well. You may even host a poetry group or guest speakers that travel and perform in multiple churches.

Your style of performance group can also vary. This is especially true for musical groups. Your group may be more conservative, or your group can be very extravagant and theatrical, in a sense. As long as the content of the performance is tasteful, your church performance group can take on multiple personas.

Five people in a row holding up their left arm, singing. A church performance group

Intimate Settings

Churches are traditionally intimate settings. Some churches are very large and are similar to stadiums, but the majority of churches you will be performing in are likely smaller in size and in closed quarters. Your performance group will have to be aware of those surroundings and also be comfortable performing in a personal and up-close setting.

An intimate setting will require your performance group to work very closely as a team. Make sure all the members of your group are comfortable with each other and have naturally friendly dispositions. When rehearsing your performances, make sure to keep an open line of communication. Nobody in the group should be afraid to critique one another. Taking criticism well will also be integral to successful team work. It may seem silly, but these are important aspects to pay attention to.


Branding Your Church Performance Group

Part of your church performance group’s brand will lie in the personality of the group. Churches generally expect their members to be friendly, happy, and courteous people. All the members of your group will also be expected to be either affiliated with or very knowledgeable with religion. Performing as a group will be another way to practice your faith, aside from attending church as a regular member.

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What’s the Message?
Your group should have an allover message it is trying to deliver through the performances. The message could be a general empowering one, or it could be more specific. Sharing stories from your faith or even a personal experience through the performances is an idea to consider. Delivering a message is one of the most important aspects of developing a brand.

It may go without saying, but practice, practice, practice! You are a performance group, after all! Whether it’s a musical group, theatrical group, or another type of performance, delivering a smooth show every time is key to branding yourself into a well-known group amongst a network of churches.

Marketing Strategies for Your Church Performance Group

When it comes to marketing your church performance group, it may seem a little tricky at first. One of the best ways to market the group is by networking with churchgoers, church officials, and other community members. This idea works hand in hand with the point on being friendly and happy people. Make the time to meet and congregate with the members of your audience. Get to know others so you can spread the word about your group. Keep in mind, you do not only have to market your group when performing. Carry business cards or fliers, and distribute them to new connections you make when the time seems appropriate.

It’s in the Name

Create an inspiring and recognizable name for you church performance group. The name could include words that show religious affiliation or the type of performing that your group does. Include the name on any business cards or fliers you end up distributing. Always introduce your performance group and conclude your performances with the name as well. The more the public hears your group’s name, the more memorable it will be.

Finally, the best way to market your performance group is by doing what you do best: performing! While the majority of your performances will be in churches or at church events, you can always perform at other events as well. Including your performance group in general local community events is always a good idea. Events can include festivals, fundraisers, or public gatherings.


There is a lot more work than you may have initially though there would be when it comes to forming a church performance group. To be successful, you have to be able to work with a team of people that are all open and willing to learn from each other. Not only do you all have to be honest and friendly people, but you must all be willing to give and receive criticism without taking it personally. Be prepared to work in confined spaces or in buildings with limited resources.

When forming your church performance group, take the time to develop proper marketing and branding business plans. You will have to effectively spread the word about your group. Creating a recognizable name and being personable with your audience are key factors in church settings. Just as well, practice makes perfect. To deliver the best performance possible, practice on a regular basis.

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