How to Use Marketing to Scale Your Business

Want to grow your business but lack the resources to do so? When it comes to scaling your business, you should understand that there are effective ways that can help you see great success. Scaling your business can help you potentially increase your revenue numbers by double the amount you started with. You should remember that scaling should only occur if your business has already seen success and the demand for your product or service has grown more than what your original plan can deliver.



General Tips to Scale Your Business

Remember the 80/20 rule? 20 percent of your business efforts should output at least 80 percent effectiveness for your company. So, all of the strategies and methods you use need to be those that can create great success for your business. This means that you should create measurable outcomes. Doing this will help you with gauging the methods that work well as well as those that do not. Work with your team to eliminate non-effective methods and sustain strong strategies. You may need to start brainstorming some ideas on how to scale your business. This may include things like finding investors or decreasing costs in certain areas. Brainstorming does not mean you have to utilize every idea that comes to mind. It helps you with thinking up new and innovative ways and eliminate processes that may not work well.


Product Marketing to Scale Your Business

There are some great and effective methods in scaling your business through the process of product marketing. Here are some proven ways to get you started.


Social Media

Social media has taken marketing to a new level. It allows businesses to advertise events and promotions through a single post or campaign. Social media is instantaneous, which is what draws many businesses to use it consistently. If you are planning to open up another location to your business, you can advertise this grand opening on your social media page. Try asking consumers to tag themselves at the new location to receive a discount on their purchase. This will help increase your sales, give them a reason to buy and show other potential customers where your new shop is located. With the innovation of social media, businesses can really increase their exposure and sales.


Reviews and Testimonials

If you want to see any growth in your business, people have to trust other’s judgments about it. So, provide opportunities for your current customers to write reviews and provide feedback about their experiences. Using major review platforms like Yelp and Google Business can help other potential customers with seeing if they might come to your business. They trust the testimonials of others as a way to get their feet wet about your product, so to speak. Many restaurants rely on reviews and star ratings to attract new customers. The more reviews your business has, the more that other customers are inclined to come and check you out.


Evaluate Marketing Channels

Your marketing does not have to be primarily online. You may need to market to people in person such as networking and building business partnerships. Analyze competition businesses and see who they are in contact with. You will want to partner with like-minded businesses and potentially team up to market your own company. Collaborations are a great way to increase your chances of reaching a larger market. You will also get the chance to work with another business and learn strategies from one another.


Service Marketing to Scale Your Business

If you have a service you are trying to market, there are also some strategies that work well for that kind of business. Here are the top two components you should take into account when scaling your business from a service perspective.


Take into Account Your Audience

Your audience is important when it comes to how you market your service. You would not target teenagers for a real estate company. Being specific with your group can help you hone in on a targeted strategy that works well with your intended audience. If you want to increase your consumer list, you should know exactly who you are trying to engage with.


Evaluate Your Marketing Message

What are you trying to say? This question may seem simple, but it is essential as a driving force for your overall marketing message. Does your message contain everything you want it to say? Does it represent your business well? Make sure you reflect on your message before you release it to ensure it does its job for your scalability.


Logos to Increase Marketing Scalability

To help with scaling your business, it is important to have a logo design that is innovative and engaging. Logos are important for your business. They help your audience identify with you and what you can offer. Be sure that your logo has a purposeful image as well as the right colors and fonts. Your logo can be the first thing that your consumers see when they interact with your business. This means you should give them something that is impactful and leaves them wondering what more you can offer them. If you are unsure of how to start, you may want to use a professional logo design service. These individuals are a great resource for creating a cool and meaningful logo. They have the experience and understand exactly what audiences look for when identifying with logos. Having a professional create your logo for you can greatly increase your chances of having an innovative logo that really pops.




Scaling your business means that you have seen some success with your initial business venture. Being able to scale your business successfully can help you with seeing profitable revenues in the future. However, you should be sure to utilize specific and effective strategies to help you get there. Without the proper mindset and strategies, your scaling can quickly see a decline. The business world is a great way for you to step out of your comfort zone and compete as a dominant leader in the marketplace.

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