Lifting Weight and Running on Treadmills: How to Rebrand Your Gym

Sounds easy but how do you best rebrand your gym

Sometimes the rebranding process is necessary. As s you know, there are many different scenarios that explain why you would need to put this process in motion. For example, if you just purchased an existing gym and want to make some changes (and get some publicity), then this is a good way to do it. No matter why you chose to rebrand your gym, you’ll need to go through a certain number of steps to get everything set up properly.

Many of these rebranding processes start with a good plan and a new gym logo and then end with a grand reopening celebration. Let’s work through those steps here.

Answering the Important Questions when Rebranding Your Gym

Before you can hold your grand opening celebration, you first need to answer a series of questions. These questions are designed to make you think about why you’re rebranding your gym in the first place. The main questions are: Why are you rebranding your gym? What do you hope to gain? What differences are you emphasizing? We mentioned one of the reasons for rebranding above, but there are others.

Furthermore, you might want to change things up and redecorate your gym. So, if membership rates are falling, then a rebranding will bring in some clients. After all, you might just be tired of the existing logo and are ready for a new one. Although the reasons may vary, you definitely need to be clear on why you’re doing this.

Get more clients with an effecting rebranding

The next question – what do you hope to gain – is pretty transparent. Most importantly, a lot of people have two things in mind when they set up to rebrand their business. Most of all, they want more clients (or in this case, members) and they want to get some publicity. Therefore, if you market your rebranding properly, then you’ll achieve both of these goals. Most likely, you’ll need to send out some press releases. For instance a great way to do it can be seen in New York,  rebranding of sports clubs in New York . Another way is to to do some interviews, which we’ll discuss in some detail later on, but it will happen.

Finally, you need to choose the differences that you’re emphasizing for the rebranding. Ask yourself, are you redoing the layout of the gym? Perhaps, did you just add some new machines and double your floor space? Or even, are you the new owner? Or do you just want a new gym logo to update your gym’s look? Underdestandibly, it can be any one of those things or a combination of them. What really matters is that you understand what you’re changing and why you’re making those changes. Most of all, you need these answers before you move on to the next steps.

The inside of a classic gym with weights. When rebranding your gym you need to plan a super smashing event


Following the Next Steps in planning an event

So, now that you’ve answered the questions and have a basic idea of why you’re rebranding your gym, it’s time to start the planning an event process. Above all, this involves redesigning or updating your gym logo. On top of, planning the event, and overhauling your website and social media accounts. Furthermore, you have two main choices here for your logo design. Firstly, you can either update your existing gym logo, keeping some of the same colors and elements. Presenting them in an entirely new way, or you can completely redo it. However, if you plan on the latter, you’ll need to choose a new font, new colors, and even new imagery.

Bold colors and a sans serif font seem like the best ways to go, since they’re modern and evoke a sense of fitness. As far as imagery is concerned, you should include something that makes people think of your gym – such as some exercise equipment or even a set of weights. Once the fitness logo is in place, you should update your website accordingly. Change the background and accent colors to match your new logo and then add it to all of your social media accounts. Once they tie in together, your fitness branding will be in place.

Next, you’ll have to plan your reopening event. This involves redecorating your gym, rearranging the furniture, and ordering items, such as employee shirts, towels, mats, rugs, and a sign, with the new logo on them. Everything needs to be cohesive in order for your message to come across properly. You’re clearly trying to show the world that your gym has been updated and is now the best place in town to work out.

People running on the treadmills in colorful outfits. Planning an event to rebrand your gym involves showing your equipments

Publicizing your reopening event to rebrand your gym

Once you have all of these steps in place, it’s time to publicize your reopening. This is done by sending out press releases, enticing local media so that they cover the event, and bringing in some local bloggers or influencers who can show the event to their followers. Before you send out the press releases, make sure that they contain some crucial details. Things that need to be included are the date and time of the reopening, whether or not people need to register or sign up beforehand, and an explanation of why you’re throwing the event. (This is where the answers to those questions come in.)

There also needs to be a contact method, so that local media can get ahold of you should they want to do an interview or have questions about the event. You might also want to include some information about your gym, including its history and what types of equipment or classes you offer.

Once you get local media involved, you should able to lure in some influencers or bloggers. You’ll need to offer them something in order to get them to cover your event on their social media accounts or websites. This can be anything from a year-long membership or a payment of some sort.

They can really help draw in new clients, just by posting about the event and your gym on their accounts. You’d be surprised at how effective this can be. However, you do need to choose your influencers wisely. Hopefully, there are some in the area who use fitness inspired hashtags and other means to show that they’re dedicated to exercising.

Attractive muscles are part of rebranding any gym. Muscular male showing off his muscles.


As you can see, planning a reopening event is not something that you can take lightly. You’ll need to thoroughly think through every step of the process in order for it to be a success. Otherwise, your rebranding won’t have the desired effect. 

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