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Military Logo Design Explained

Military logos are important for every branch of service. These images help distinguish professionals, and they distinguish any business associated to this industry. The logos that are used in the military (and by companies that support the military) can tell you a great deal about an individual including accomplishments, rank, and expertise. There are many unique considerations that go with this type of design.


Most military logos feature a distinctive image at the center of the design. For various branches of the United States military, these images are well-known and easily recognizable. Official military branch and US government logos are protected from unauthorized use. You may not incorporate these designs into your own logos without explicit permission or you will be in breach of the law.

If you lack the proper authorization to incorporate an official image from a US military logo, you’ll need to start from scratch with your design. You can, however, use these official images as inspiration for your own look. The bald eagle, American flag, and other similar images will immediately add a sense of patriotism and pride to any US military logo design.

Military vector logos offer inspiration for this type of design as well. The sleek combination of a star and wings is a common feature in military images. Your own stylized take on this will convey your military associations instantly. Whether you’re a supplier, supporter, or other type of business, if you’re connected to the military, it’s a good idea to fashion your logo after the basic style that you find in official images.

While you can create some cool logos using your own creativity, you don’t want an image that comes across as too lighthearted, humorous, or casual. Good design is clean, crisp, and professional.


Your logo will probably include a business or group name. Choosing the right font is an important part of the design process. Typography for this type is typically strong, simple, and straightforward. Take the military police sybol as an example. The typography is timeless with no fanfare and completely capitalized.

The Military Channel offers another excellent example of the ideal typography for a business in the military sector. The Military Channel focuses on text in its logo. Aside from bars above and below the word “military,” there’s little else to this design. Yet the simplicity and bold heavy typography get the message and association across beautifully. A small bit of embellishment in the way of a star in the opening of the “A” is all it takes to give this design an essential touch of patriotism.

You don’t need a complex combination of images and typography to create an unforgettable logo, as this example shows. Think about the message that you want to send with your design and find a way to send it as succinctly and powerfully as possible.

Color Choice

Red, white, and blue are obvious choices for a military logo creator. However, as you may have noticed from other designs, you can create a striking image in black and white or shades of silver and gold as well.

Every color has its own associations that you should consider when you’re developing a logo. Red, white, and blue always invoke feelings of patriotism in the United States. Red is also associated with courage and strength. A design that features a lot of red will feel energetic and powerful. Red also carries a sense of masculinity.

Blue is usually associated with efficiency, duty, and trust. A logo with a lot of blue will feel cool and calming, creating a sharp contrast to a primarily red design. Try your image in both blue and red and you’ll instantly feel a difference between the two, even if all other elements are the same.

Don’t hesitate to explore different shades of these colors as well. Light blue offers a soothing feeling of serenity and relaxation, but a deep navy is more businesslike. Vivid red oozes urgency and excitement while a crimson hue gives the shade more stability.

Silver and gold are often associated with success and accomplishment due to their associations with badges, rewards, and precious metals. Black is a simple and solid option that’s associated with security.

Logo Use

When you’re creating a logo design for the military, you need to think about all the places it will appear. A military crest may appear on a badge, pin, or patch. You may design the crest in color for an embroidered patch, or choose a monotone metallic hue for an engraved pin. The crest might appear in many places, as a solid gold emblem, as a black and white logo on stationary, and as a colorful image on clothing. Consider all the different ways it could appear and make sure your design is striking any way it’s used.

The Marines’ logo is a shining example of how a single image can appear recognizable and sharp in many forms. You’ll find this image in solid gold, silver and gold, gold, red, and blue, and even gold, red, and black. The symbol with the globe, eagle, and anchor remains the same. Whether it’s a flat illustration or a three-dimensional carving, it’s unmistakable. Even in black and white, the silhouette is effective.

Developing Your Logo

Once you’ve considered the elements listed here and done some brainstorming, you’re ready to dive into logo creation. The professional designers at The Logo Company can help you create a memorable military design that will meet all your needs. You’ll have a team of five professionals at your disposal. With their creative expertise and design experience, your ideas will quickly become reality.

Your team will work with you at every stage of the design process to make sure your finished logo is exactly what you’re looking for. From initial mock ups, to refinement, to production of the completed logo, you’ll have a highly skilled professional team at your side the whole way.

Your military logo must look sleek and professional to command the respect and attention it deserves. With these considerations in mind, you can create a logo no one will forget.