Toughest Special Forces In History

Toughest Special Forces In History


Not a year goes by without some part of the world or some ideology in conflict with another. Since civilization began the human race has been at war. The need to have the upper hand in battle was recognized thousands of years ago. Special troops or warriors would train harder and better than their opponents to gain a battlefield advantage. Some would specialize in certain tactics whilst others would train to be fitter and faster than their enemy. These warriors still exist today in the likes of The US Navy Seals and the British SAS among others. Their logos are military icons that adorn popular culture and instill fear in the enemy.


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The toughest special forces in history according to The Logo Company


The Logo Company has put together a timeline of what we believe to be the toughest Special Forces in history. You might agree or disagree with our choice and we would love to get your opinion. Please feel free to comment if you think we have this right or if you think some other special forces units are missing and should of been included. If you want to see some of the military logos that The Logo Company has designed recently, check out our portfolio.

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