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Tiny the cat. A cat of the breed Ragdoll. In a cat box with a cat logo

Why won’t more companies have a cat logo when creating their brand? Everybody love cats right? In this article we find out more about this wonderful mystical feline and read more on which brands made a successful cat logo for themselves. I will also go into the history of cats and logos with cats that we have designed here at The Logo Company. Image is from a private collection. 

The Power Of A Cat Logo

Above all, a cat logo has strong psychological impact on potential customers. Why? Well, because cats are powerful creatures and admired in many countries. Mostly because they are often associated with attributes such as gracefulness, independence, and curiosity. You might want your company to be know for that as well. 

For example, these qualities can be easily be translated into a brand’s identity. Additionally, cat logos are memorable and just really beautiful. Most of all, due to the unique physical characteristics of cats. Like for examples, their eyes and fur. Even their tail. 

Furthermore, cats have a universal appeal that goes in any cultures and language. Therefore a cat logo is a great choice for companies seeking a global audience. In short, logos with cats are very attractive. 

Love Or Hate?

Cats and logos with cats don’t normally leave anyone indifferent. You either love or hate them. Incredibly. some cultures are afraid of the feline’s mystery and some say they have a sixth sense. Let’s dive little deeper to the symbolism of this feline mysterious animal. 

Portrait of a Cute Ragdoll Cat

Source image Pexels Ivelin Donchev

The Symbolism Of Cats 

Understandably, cats have been revered and worshiped in different cultures for centuries. Mostly because of their mysterious nature and grace. It’s no a surprise then that cats and their likeness have been used in logos throughout history. In ancient Egyptian culture, cats were considered sacred and worshipped as the embodiment of the goddess Bastet.

However, in Japanese culture, cats are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Then the third example is in Norse mythology, where the goddess Freyja was associated with cats and was believed to ride on a chariot pulled by them.

Another example is in the Islamic culture. Here cats are respected and considered clean animals. In contrast, medieval Europe associated cats with witchcraft and evil.

So one can say that despite the different interpretations across cultures, cats are often seen as enigmatic, independent creatures.  With spiritual or mystical significance, of course. Why is this? Well, perhaps one guess  is due to their nocturnal behavior and ability to see in the dark. Adding to that their agility and grace when moving.

Overall, cats have been designed in various forms of art, literature, and mythology. making them a very strong admired symbol in the world.

Black Cat With Yellow Eyes

Image source Pexels Marek Kupiec

Logos With Cats Nowadays

In modern times, cats continue to be popular in branding and logos. One can understand this because of their beauty. The ragdoll breed (an American breed) has become more and more used in branding, logos and all sorts of advertising material. This is mostly due to their bright blue eyes. 

With cats being such a beloved and important part of our culture, it’s no wonder that they continue to be used in logos and branding today.

Why You Should Have a Cat Logo

Should you have one? Well, if you’re looking for a design that’s both adorable and easy on the eye then consider using a cat as your mascot. Check out our pet and animal portfolio for more inspiration. Not only are cats universally loved by people of all ages, but they also have a special place on the internet culture. Therefore, making them a great choice for modern brands.

In fact, a cat logo can convey a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and elegance all at the same time. Adding brand personality.

Plus, with so many different cat breeds and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a feline friend that matches your brand’s image perfectly. So why settle for a boring or forgettable logo when you could have one that’s as charming as a cat? Why don’t you upgrade to a cat logo today and watch as your brand’s popularity soars.

Selective Focus Photography of Sphinx Cat Lying on Bedspread.

Image source Pexels 

Examples Of Logos With Cats

So, move on to some examples of beautiful feline designs. Five companies that comes to mind are: Puma, Jaguar, Cheetos, Hello Kitty, and Meow Mix.

First example, Puma. The leaping feline represents agility and power. Just like the clothes and shoes.  However, Jaguar‘s sleek even mysterious cat demonstrates luxury and sophistication. Pretty much the idea of the car.

Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah (see image) is a fun-loving cartoon cat that is always up for a good time. Fourth example, Hello Kitty (see cake image) is a cultural icon, known for her cuteness and playfulness. Lots of kids and parents love Hello Kitty so the branding is very successful here and the brand extension very vividly seen across all products.

More examples include, Meow Mix. A very playful cat that shows their commitment to the happiness of feline friends. These companies have successfully leveraged the allure of cats to create super designs.

A Close-Up Shot of a White Puma Sweater with the cat logo
Close-up of a Box of Cheetos. Examples of logos with cats
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake with Decor

Colors To Consider

Now we have arrived at the all important choice of colors and shapes. Of course, choosing the right colors for your design is important. There are many color options that could work well for a cat logo, but some popular choices include orange, gray, black, and white. Why I hear you ask?

Well, orange is often associated with playfulness and energy. However gray shows  sophistication and coolness. Black is seen as sleek and modern. But white symbolizes purity and cleanliness in almost every culture. It’s important to also consider the emotions that colors can evoke. Our color emotion guide is well worth the read to learn more about all the different colors.

Ultimately, the colors you choose for your cat logo should be the ones that you like and that won’t cost a fortune to print. 

Suitable Shapes

There are a few logo shapes that work particularly well.

  • 1. The silhouette of a cat’s head or face is a classic and effective choice.
  • 2. Incorporating the shape of a cat’s body or tail can create a more playful or dynamic graphic.
  • 3. Abstract cat shapes, such as incorporating cat like curves
  • 4. Negative space to create the image of a cat’s face.

In short, the best shape will depend on what you like and what you want to show your customers. However, by sticking to these basic shapes and considering the brand’s overall goals, a cat logo can become a powerful representation of your company.

Branding And Logos With Cats

Not surprisingly, cats are taking the world of branding by storm. Mostly because of their cute faces and strange personalities. They are just the perfect spokesmodels for a lot of products and services. Actually, anything from pet food to luxury goods. This is an ongoing trend that I don’t see is going to stop any time soon.

But what is it about these feline friends that make them so appealing to consumers? One theory is that cats embody characteristics such as independence, curiosity, and intelligence, all of which are desirable traits in our society.

However, it’s important to remember that while cats may be a fun and trendy choice for branding, they may not be appropriate for all audiences or industries. Churches don’t normally use the feline to represent their brand. Therefore it’s essential to consider the who you are targeting. 

Animals In Logos

Of course we have designed many logos with cats (and dogs) and I always think that its a great look to have. Pretty much regardless of what you sell. Well of course probably not if you are a corporate company but if you are in the pet’s business then a cat logo is ideal. 

Below you can see three of our designs that I personally like. The Meow chicka is a very soft design with friendly looking animals. Almost smiling towards us. Griffith Pet Resort is also a friendly cat logo with a dog who has his tongue sticking out. Very holiday inspired colorful design. Last example is Prolific Kitty where the cat is a white silhouette inside a circular design. Indeed an easy to recognize design.

Pet resort with two animals looking happy in between two palm trees.
Profilic kitty a circular design in pink. Silhouette in white of a kitty
Meow chicka animal logo in a calming brown soft lined design

Wrapping Up

Last few words to wrap up this cat logo article. In short, if you want a design that is playful, elegant and versatile, then you should consider a cat logo.

Mysterious and graceful by nature. Adding class to your brand. A cat logo can also add a touch of whimsy and fun to your brand. Depending on what products you intend to sell. Above all, a great choice for any industry, from fashion and beauty to food and beverage.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace the feline side of branding – a cat logo might just be the purrfect choice for your business.

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