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Please find below some examples of craft logo we have created from scratch for our clients in the arts & crafts sector. Moreover, do please remember, your craft logo will be completely unique to your business. These are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Craft Logo & Logos for Arts Explained

First of all, successful arts and crafts supply companies have to stand out and look different from similar stores. Secondly, a key solution to a successful craft logo is to study logos used by some of the largest arts and crafts companies. This offers a primer on how those businesses use colors, typefaces, and taglines to brand themselves in specific ways. Studying these will give you a solid background in a successful craft logo bsuiness, as well as provide you options to make your logo design different from the rest in your industry.

When you break a logo down in to each element, it becomes easier to see how these elements work together to communicate a comprehensive brand personality. Continue reading to learn about some of the most successful arts and crafts stores’ logos. You will learn about their different approaches to marketing in the same industry. There is not one concrete solution to a logo, but many creative options that all elicit different feelings.

Colors Influence the Success of Crafts Logo

Let’s talk about color psychology that gives logo designers a fast way to communicate a company’s personality. Generally, people have a reaction or feeling when they see a specific color. So, when you understand what color psychology says about people’s reactions to color, design choices become more obvious.

The Michaels craft logo appears in different colors. One of the logos uses white script on a black background. The other craft logo appears as black script on a white background. According to color psychologists, white evokes positive connotations. Therefore, craft stores can safely incorporate it in their own craft logo. People see white as clean, sophisticated, clear, and efficient.

Consumers want those positive qualities in the stores they buy from. Therefore you need to attract them with a craft logo design that shows emotions and love. Black has similar qualities like sophisticated and efficient. Black is also seen as glamorous, secure, and emotional.

Consumers interested in buying crafting materials benefit from these uplifting qualities. The emotional, glamorous, and sophisticated aspects likely appeal to them because they want these traits to be reflected in their own craft-work. Call it love.

Nature and awareness colors in crafts logo

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores, another extremely successful company in the this industry, takes a different approach. Its dark green craft logo communicates harmony, balance, nature, and awareness. By emphasizing natural harmony, the Joann Fabrics craft logo calls out to consumers who feel their craft-work does something positive for the world. They might feel that making crafts at home gives them a creative outlet that restores balance to their lives, or they might believe that making their own products serves an environmental purpose.

Also, The Hobby Lobby’s orange craft logo communicates fun and passion. More importantly, wrapping the text in a complementary blue adds intelligence and trust to the craft logo. Business owners who want their stores to fill the customer’s desire for fun, intelligent activities should consider following this example. Other complementary color combinations to consider include red-cyan, yellow-violet, and green-magenta.

Furthermore, pairing these colors creates a strong contrast that causes logos to jump out at the viewer. Using them is an effective way of making a logo more attractive. See this fab artist and check out the colors Street Art city kitty

Typeface let's you know what it's all about

Logos for the arts also use typeface to communicate a brand’s message. The Michaels Arts and Crafts Store logo uses script type. People usually find this typeface elegant and creative. The Michaels font is clean and sophisticated, but also fun and creative.

Joann Fabric and Hobby Lobby take a different approach. They use bold typefaces that evoke a feeling of stability. Unlike Michaels which uses a light, airy script, Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby use bold, heavy typefaces.

There’s a subtle difference between the Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby logos, though. Joann Fabrics uses a serif typeface that communicates tradition, reliability, and respectability. They want to attract people who feel their work has a purpose or that it continues a tradition of hand-making home items instead of buying finished store-bought products.

Hobby Lobby uses sans serif, a cleaner, more modern typeface. Removing the letters’ feet makes the typeface a little less grounded in tradition. The sans serif typeface manages to transform the heavy letters into something fun and contemporary. This should attract customers who enjoy making crafts for hobby or as a distraction that will keep their kids entertained for hours. It is not as rooted in traditional craftsmanship, but rather a promise of do-it-yourself entertainment. Check out how to Start your crafts business

Taglines Summarize the Mission for you crafts Logo

Taglines are short slogans or phrases that companies use to communicate what they offer their customers. They often appear in logos because companies want to emphasize core values.

Michaels has a well-made tagline that other businesses in the arts and crafts industry should study carefully. The Michaels crafts logo includes a tagline that says “Where Creativity Happens.” This says that Michaels wants to attract customers who see arts and crafts as a creative process. When they need supplies for future projects, they turn to Michaels because the store promised to sell them materials with creative options.

This tagline complements the typeface and color perfectly. Together, these elements say that Michaels is a fun company that wants to help creative people craft.

Joann does the opposite of Michaels. Its tagline simply reads “fabric and craft stores.” Joann wants its brand to continue the tradition of making arts and crafts. This tagline cuts out any nonsense by offering a straight-forward description of the company.

Tagline that cuts out nonsense in a craft logo 

Joann sells many of the same items as Michaels, but it communicates its mission differently so it attracts a different type of customer. Both stores might have a specific fabric for sale, but Joann wants customers to think of the fabrics’ usefulness. On the other hand, Michaels wants customers to think about how much fun they will have working with the fabric. Learn more how to Building your brand

Small differences in crafts logo can have that kind of influence on branding, so it’s important to pay close attention to how design elements work together to communicate your business’s personality

Why pick The Logo Company?

Well, in conclusion, The Logo Company understands that these elements influence how people see your store. It is one of the reasons that clients fill out questionnaires about their businesses and what they want people to understand from their logos. When designers know more about their clients, they create a craft logo that summarize customers’ expectations of the company. Do it with love because craft and arts is about being a bit pink. Is your branding loving enough?