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Below are some examples of Leisure Logo Designs that we have created for our customers in the leisure sector. Please remember, your dream logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Leisure Industry Logo Design Explained

Deciding on a Leisure Logo Design That Encompasses Your Brand

Most of all, an effective logo must account for a complete branding strategy. Therefore, three important design devices come together to create one recognizable company logo image. These components are outlined by the following:

  • 1) The Logomark. A distinctive image.
  • 2) The Logotype. The leisure company displayed in a specific typeface.
  • 3) The Logo Descriptor. The leisure company descriptor, which may be a tagline, mission or action statement; the descriptor is generally found only on website headers and marketing materials. Often called a tagline or strap line.

After all, remember that the logomark and the logotype are the two most important aspects of strategic logo branding. Therefore, these components may come together to create one image or they may function separately as an icon or unique typography. However, when choosing how to display your leisure logo, consider each element and if they would be independently recognizable to your potential consumer.


Furthermore, your leisure logo design may vary depending on where it appears. For example, a promotional T-shirt or a packaging logo may only include your logomark. Whereas your website header image may include the logomark, logotype, and logo descriptor. To establish a brand, you want consumers to easily recognize your unique logo by an image or company name (in a defined typeface). However, there are exceptions. For example, if the company name and typeface are also the logomark, the company is successfully branded by one distinct image.


Consider the following examples of logo branding combinations for leisure companies. Let us look at two different discount travel company logos:


Priceline for Leisure Logo Design

Priceline’s logotype is also its logomark. The simple “” typography is a recognizable image in its own right – without any other iconography. The logo could appear in many colors, aside from the standard white, and consumers would still be able to identify the brand.



Conversely, Expedia’s logo features two distinct parts. The logomark is a globe-like circle featuring a plane that appears to be in motion. This image appears before, and independent of, the logotype: the company’s name featured in a distinctive typeface. Although Expedia could use their logomark alone on promotional materials, they choose not to. However, on most promotional materials, the logomark is more pronounced than it is in their website header.


Neither company makes of use of a descriptor element on their respective website; however, Priceline has used the tagline “Name Your Own Price.” Expedia has also used descriptor elements in the past.


Choosing Leisure Logos That Builds Confidence

Now that you have established a recognizable branding through the use of logo elements, it’s time to express a message. Consumers should have confidence in the message your logo sends.


Most importantly, your logo will create powerful brand associations among consumers. To buy or not to buy. Your leisure logo design begs consumers this question. Therefore, the subconscious link to consumer emotion and your logo is what motivates consumers to take action (or not).


Understandably, according to The Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP) there are two major aspects of consumer attitudes towards brands: signifying and connecting. “Signifying refers to using the brand as an informal cue, identity signal and cultural symbol […] connecting with a brand includes forming an attitude toward the brand,”. Notes Bernd Schmitt in the JCP article. A successful leisure logo design will instill its values through a single image, whether that image is an icon or typeface. This beautiful logo for vacation Villas Of Mexico shows just how important trust is. 


Company Logos and Consumer Brand Confidence

Above all, trust is the foundation of confidence. More so, product quality and customer service are often the determining trust factors for leisure companies. However, a leisure logo must first convince consumers to try the product or service. The act of convincing starts with logo color.


Studies on the psychology of color show that consumers subconsciously link color with an emotion. If you search for company logos, you’ll quickly find that companies are keenly aware of these associations. Consider three common colors associated with sports and leisure, as well as travel, and how they influence emotion:


1) Red – energizes; instills a feeling of urgency

2) Blue – imparts a sense of trust and security

3) Purple – soothes and calms


These three colors are widely used in leisure logos. Consider three leisure companies and how their logos make use of these colors.


Sports Authority for Leisure Logos

Sports Authority is an action-oriented company. It should come as no surprise that their logo features a large red rectangle with white typography. This company logo’s goal is to inspire the confidence to get active. Red energizes consumers with the promise of athletic equipment.



Similar to Priceline and Expedia, Orbitz utilizes blue. Orbitz wishes to gain consumer trust through by promoting a secure search environment for travel deals. The Orbitz logo features a simple logotype with an iconic “O” logomark.


Alyeska Resort – Alaska


Alyeska Resort uses both blue and purple, which sends the perfect message to a consumer who’s looking for a relaxing getaway. Blue instills reliance in the guest who entrusts their comfort and safety to Alyeska. Purple soothes and calms consumers into believing that Alyeska offers a peaceful environment that will reduce their stress.


Finding Your Leisure Logo Niche


Whether you are in the business of travel, hospitality, or even sports leisure, your company’s services can shape and define your logo’s style. Use direction and flow of lines to suggest movement and more. These details help identify your trade for consumers.


To look at the use of line work, and its effect on defining a niche, consider Expedia again. Expedia’s logo includes a line that extends from tail end of the airplane, which is in the middle of the globe. The carefully placed extended tail line, plus the stretched plane nose, promotes a sense of movement. In the case of Expedia’s logo, the airplane movement and sphere signify travel.


Are you ready to take your leisure brand to new heights? The Logo Company can help. We will work with you to create five or more design concepts in about three business days. Your company deserves a logo that embodies everything you are and with the help of the team of logo designers at The Logo Company, getting it will be a breeze.