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Can the right leisure logo attract more visitors?

Well yes, of course leisure industry logo can. If you take look at the the dictionary it defines leisure as:

Free time and its activities

A pastime, diversion, exercise, or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment. Wow that is big sector I think. 

More importantly, the leisure industry includes a vast array of diverse activities focusing on entertainment, recreation and tourism. I believe this include places like, restaurants, hotels, sporting and music but also further more, arenas, amusement parks, theatres, and gaming places such as casinos.

More importantly, anywhere that sport can be played can also be included, such as gyms, leisure centres, and golf courses etc. Not all leisure venues are built however. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, kayaking on a river, or diving in the sea, natural resources are equally important to the leisure industry. Essentially, any enjoyable activity that a person can undertake in their free time comes under the heading of leisure. 

A changing and dynamic sector

New and exciting recreational activities are introduced all the time, making the leisure logo industry an ever changing and dynamic sector. Take a look at our Entertainment logo designs in our gorgeous portfolio Entertainment logo design

Famous entertainment  companies with great leisure logo design.

Here are a few examples of leisure logos from businesses that come under the large umbrella of leisure:

Let’s mention the logo for the National Park Service which brilliantly displays their focus on heritage and nature. Furthermore, the shape is that of a flint arrowhead, while the illustration shows a mountain, giant redwood and buffalo.

Nature design for the National Park Service. The shape is good and the colors are very natural, making this a great logo.
National park’s logo design featuring a bull. The logo is usually a sort of entertainment logo but not always. This one has nice neutral, nature colors.

National Park Service logo from About Cumberland Island 

The Hilton Hotel logo is elegant in its simplicity. The name speaks for itself, while the blue color implies class and reliability. Simple leisure logo but yes so efficient. 

Very famous Hilton design. Its chain of hotels are easily recognised by everyone as it represent class and luxury.
Living the best life at Hilton Hotel & Resort. Their logo has a lot of branding behind it and shows class and money.

The Alton Towers resort in the UK includes two hotels, a theme park, a waterpark, a spa, a golf course and a conference center. The logo shows the 19th century country house at the heart of the resort, while the rest of the logo uses bright colors, stars and diamonds to give an exciting party-like atmosphere. This logo says fun.

Fun loving Alton Towers logo design. You can immediately see that this is an entertainment place. An amusement park.
The leisure logo is well famous for its vivid colors and flags. Everybody love the Alton Tower logo and many happy memories have been made their,

Alton Towers leisure logo  

Blog about Alton Towers


The Zumba Fitness logo, another great logo design made for the leisure industry.

The Zumba Fitness logo uses bright lime green and an informal font to imply a fresh, lively and youthful way to keep fit. However, the human figure in the icon is caught in the middle of an energetic dance routine. Clever I think. 

Fitness logo design. The famous Zumba logo that probably made people sign up to this new way of exercising.
This logo is cleverly made. You can see a movement of a perps and yet is so simple. Nice colors and easy to read.

Zumba Fitness logo

The famous Fat Duck logo

Considered to be one of the best restaurants in the world, The Fat Duck is renowned for its ground-breaking yet eccentric approach to gastronomy. The restaurant logo echoes the restaurant’s reputation for unusual combinations by merging cutlery with the titular duck, to create a highly unusual yet striking image.

The fat duck logo design. Heston Blumenthal's gorgeous and well known restaurant logo. You can see the duck in the logo design.
The duck is very much present in the logo and it makes the image just perfect I think.

The Fat Duck logo

I must say that we are proud of our Food & Drink Logo also part of the Leisure Industry. Check out the latest ones just below. 

Food and drink logo design

Whether your business is an established part of the leisure industry or something brand new, the appropriate leisure logo design can help you make your mark. In conclusion, all you need is to use your imagination, think about what you want your image to show about you. Above all, this is a logo that you will live with for years so most importantly, you have to love it.

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