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Transport & Logistics Logo Design Explained

All successful business owners understand the importance of branding. This is something that translates across all industries, including transportation and logistics. Your business needs a cohesive image to build a loyal customer base. Moreover, all of this starts with a stunning transport logo that people will remember and easily associate with your business. So, if you are ready to get a logo for your transportation, logistics or shipping business, look at these five things to do when coming up with your design.

Come Up with a Message

A logo should be more than a simple shape with your company’s name below it. It must convey a message to your customers so that your business is memorable. Think about everything you want your customers to know about your business and then try to incorporate these ideas into the design.

Here are some messages to consider for your logo:

1) Fast Turnaround Time

2) Good Customer Service

3) Friendly and Safe Delivery Drivers

4) Competitive Pricing

Once you know the message you want to convey about your business, your logo should revolve around these ideas. For instance, a transport company could convey a fast turnaround time by using a truck with streaks coming off the back to show speed.

Want a real example from the transportation and logistics industry? FedEx conveys the message of speed by hiding an arrow pointing to the right between the “e” and the “x”. This shows that your message can be effective even if it’s subtle.

Follow the Trends in Your Industry

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, look to your industry for inspiration. Research helps you see what successful company logos in your industry look like and what they do that works. Of course, resist the urge to imitate. You don’t want your logo to remind people about your competitors.

Here are some common trends for the logos of logistics companies:

1) Images of trucks

2) Arrows showing movement

3) Red, grey, blue, and green color combinations

4) Bold typography with a small amount of text

Choose the Best Color Combinations

The color you choose helps convey your company’s message and it influences customers’ reactions. There is a whole psychology behind how certain colors make people think and feel, and it’s something you need to consider when choosing colors for your logo, and your overall brand.

Here are some of the common messages conveyed by colors:

1) Red: strength and energy

2) Blue: calm, logical, and friendly

3) Yellow: excitement and creativity

4) Green: balance, peace, and environmental awareness

5) Purple: truth and quality

6) Orange: passionate and comfortable

7) Pink: love and femininity

8) Brown: reliable and warm

In the transportation industry, common logo colors include blue, red, grey, and green. However, this is not a rule, just a trend. Think about what colors would work best for your company’s logo.

Color is important, but keep in mind that your logo should also look good in black and white. You’re not always going to be able to print in color, so you don’t want your logo to be distorted when it is copied or printed. Additionally, consider how your company’s logo will look if the colors are inverted. For instance, what if the background is black and the text and logo are in white?

Take Typography into Consideration

Typography is commonly used to depict the company’s name. Not all logos need text, but it’s definitely a good way to convey a message, even if it’s just your company’s name. In general, try to keep your typography simple. However, you can be more creative if you’re depicting short or common words that are easy to recognize.

The best way to come up with typography for your logo is to choose an existing font that you like and then adapt it to meet your needs. Show your logo designer the things that you like in a font so that he or she knows where to start.

Here are some things to consider about the typography for your company logo:

1) Is it simple?

2) Is it unique?

3) Does it match the message you want to convey?

4) Is it easy to read?

5) Is it going to date easily?

Make Sure Your Logo Is Scalable and Simple

Your company’s logo is placed on everything from t-shirts to billboards to trucks. Therefore, it needs to look good no matter what size it is printed. Some distortion is also possible as images get stretched when printed on flexible materials. Therefore, if your logo’s design is too complicated, it may look weird when used on objects other than paper.

If you’re not able to describe your logo easily, it’s probably not scalable enough for long-term use. So, don’t try to do too much. If you’re in doubt about an element, leave it out. Typically, logos get simplified over time as companies realize what’s really important to their logo’s design. If you account for scalability when you first come up with your company’s logo, this will save you time and money if you ever decide to rebrand.

There’s a lot more involved in designing a logo than simply sketching something out on paper and then sending it to a designer to make it pretty. That’s why you need a team behind you to help you make good logo decisions. The Logo Company has experienced designers that know what works well in the logistics and transportation industry.

If you’re ready to commit to a logo for your business, you need the help of The Logo Company to make your dreams a reality. When you work with us, you’re assigned a team of five designers that each come up with at least one logo idea for your company. Then, you get to pick the logo design you like the best and make suggestions for improvements. This process is a lot better than hiring a designer at random that may or may not be able to deliver a product that you like. With a team of five from the Logo Company, you’re sure to get something you like.