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Below are some examples of wedding logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the wedding sector. However, please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Wedding Logo Design Explained

Most of all, a logo embodies all of a company’s philosophies into one graphic. Furthermore, it represents their branding goals and is a reminder to customers of the company or product. As you know, a good wedding logo can make your wedding business unforgettable for all the right reasons. For bridal shops and companies, it is important to represent love and elegance, as they are staples of weddings.

Analyze Wedding Logo Graphics

Logo ideas for wedding planners should be aesthetically pleasing. Mostly, because the wedding industry deals with design and event planning. Furthermore, the design should communicate the artistic skills a company has. After all, at times, it is possible that someone will reach out to your company solely based on the appeal of your wedding logo.

More importantly, the edgy graphic design should also reflect your business values. So, if you are a fun-loving designer that creates out-of-the-norm wedding invitations, the design should reflect this with whimsical elements. For instance, funky typefaces are necessary as well. Therefore, choose something like Crown Doodle, LateNite or Incarnation. Whatever you choose, you should feel it reflects you and your business perfectly.

Create A Wedding Logo That Highlights Your Specialty

Whether you own a company that sells wedding favors or a jewelry store specializing in wedding rings, there are a few trends to keep in mind. Lets mention the psychology of colors that tells designers how people subconsciously perceive colors. Making it easy to use appropriate colors for your wedding logo that speak your company’s ideologies.

Red’s positive connotations denote energy, warmth, and excitement. Furthermore, red is a good color for floral, cake, and music wedding companies.

Another example, yellow, it is an emotional color. For instance, its positive connotations denote optimism, confidence, emotional strength, and friendliness. Furthermore, all of these emotions speak positively to a successful marriage, which will reflect through your company.

Let’s take green, for example, which represents balance as well as universal love, restoration, and peace. Making it a perfect wedding logo color to represent a strong a matrimony.

Violet and purple is spiritual. After all, purple represents quality, truth, authenticity, and luxury, all positive representations of marriage and perfect in a wedding logo..

Orange, like red, represents warmth and passion. It also represents physical comfort, security, and sensuality.

Pink represents physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, and love. Making it a great color for companies geared toward the bride.

Let’s mention black, which represents sophistication, glamor, emotional safety, and substance. For instance, use this color in a wedding logo if you want show that your company is serious and wants to communicate uncompromising excellence.

Understandably, when you choose these colors, a professional designer can help you choose and combine them in a perfectly balanced wedding logo. After all, they will advise you on what colors will work best for your audience and the type of wedding company that you own.

Choose Typography for Your Wedding Logo

Most importantly, when it comes to typefaces for a wedding logo, you can run the gamut of available typography from sans-serif, to serif, to script typography with flourishes.

So, if you are going for a modern design, a sans-serif typeface is an ideal option. After all, the clean straight lines of the sans-serif typeface are perfect for companies that want to appear fresh, new and modern. However, this type of wedding logo design is especially beneficial if your company focuses on contemporary designs, such as wedding planners that specialize in modern weddings.

Traditional values with script and calligraphy typography

Above all, companies looking to emphasize traditional values should consider script and calligraphy typography. Look at typography that has swirly embellishments for the ultra-classical or consider a serif typeface that looks traditional. Furthermore, script typeface looks like different variations of cursive. This elegant typeface will emit feelings of affection and creativity in a wedding logo. Above all, you can reflect traditional values with an updated feel by using a typeface like Sanford that has slight serifs at the corners of the letters.

Furthermore, you may even want to think about using two typefaces in your wedding logo design. Above all, this is a great option if you have some sort of subtitle, like the name of the company and a short description. For example, if you design wedding dresses, but you feel the name does not illustrate what your company does, you can add a subtitle that reflects that, such as “Andrea’s, a bridal boutique.” In this case, consider using a sans-serif typography for the subtitle, which is easier to read at smaller sizes.

So most of all, when it comes to a wedding company, avoid typography that is too off the beaten track and makes the company appear to be juvenile or quirky. No bride wants to worry about whether the chosen professional wedding planner, cake creator, or caterer will arrive on time and follow through with the perfect product. Since weddings are hopefully once-in-a-lifetime, there is no room for error. So make no error for the weeding logo either. 


Remember Versatility

However, when choosing a wedding logo design, consider how it will look in different iterations and on different stationery mediums. Typically, you will want a black version and a white version. The white version is useful when placing on a dark background while the black version is printed on black and white laser printers, if color is not available.

Another thing you will want to consider is having a vertical orientation. Depending on your design, a separate version that works vertically is useful for specific designs, like social media. Another area of consideration is the box on Twitter is square. Without a vertical version, your wedding logo may show up miniaturized, making it hard to read.

Also, you’ll want to make sure your logo will look good printed on different mediums like business cards, billboards, the company’s store sign, and in print advertisements.

Let Us Help You with Your Wedding Logo Design

A team of designers will be assigned to your work when you choose The Logo Company to design your wedding logo. They will take into consideration all of your ideas and develop five designs for you to consider. You will then choose one of the designs and perfect it with the team until you are satisfied.

The team will deliver your logo in all the formats you need to fit your website, social media pages, and print. This is the easiest and most affordable way for wedding designers to create amazing logos.

The right logo helps your customers recognize you as you build and develop your brand’s identity. A smart design choice now can follow your company as it grows and prospers. When it comes to choosing your wedding company’s logo, take your time. Make sure you are happy with it and it is something that reflects your brand perfectly.