Removing Embroidered Logo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Easy Logo Removal Techniques

Most people think that it would be easy to remove a embroidered logo from any kind of garment, however it is a very delicate process. Of course, digital images are easier to handle and embroidered logos are just not that easy to remove, add or change in any way. In this article I will attempt to explain some of the techniques that you can use to best success if attempting to remove embroidered logo designs. 

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Step-by-Step Guide to Removing an Embroidered Logo

First suggestions is to simply, cover-up. Sometimes, the easiest solution is to cover the embroidered logo with a patch or appliqué. Just like you can put a patch on a torn fabric. So, you can either sew or iron on a patch that matches the fabric’s color and texture, effectively concealing the logo. However this might not be suitable in every case. 


Some companies attempt to use patchwork or appliqué and incorporating the embroidered logo into a new design. Basically by, incorporating it into a patchwork or appliqué. This can turn the logo into a decorative element rather than an unwanted feature.

Perhaps you can try using a seam ripper. Carefully use a seam ripper to remove the stitches holding the embroidered logo in place. Basically, take your time and work slowly to avoid damaging the fabric. Once the logo is removed, you may need to tidy up any loose threads or remaining stitches.

Third try to remove embroidered logo is to use embroidery scissors. However, if the embroidered logo is small or intricate, embroidery scissors with fine tips can be used to carefully cut away the threads. Again, work slowly and cautiously to avoid damaging the surrounding fabric. You really do need a delicate hand to attempt this technique. 

Steam or Heat, Fabric or Dye

Another example to try is steam or heat. After all,  steam or heat can help loosen the embroidered threads, making it easier to remove them. Therefore, use a steam iron or a handheld steamer to gently apply steam to the back of the fabric where the logo is embroidered. However, be careful not to apply too much heat to delicate fabrics to avoid damage. Try it carefully as not to damage the fabric. 

One technique that most people don’t think about is to use a fabric marker or dye. So basically, if the embroidered logo cannot be completely removed, you can try to camouflage it by coloring over it with a fabric marker or dye that matches the fabric’s color. I would suggest testing   the marker or dye on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric first to ensure it blends well.

One excellent suggestion is to use professional services. After all, if you’re not confident in your ability to remove the embroidered logo yourself, consider seeking assistance from a professional tailor or embroidery specialist. They may have specialized tools and techniques for safely removing the logo without damaging the fabric.

Some companies attempt to use patchwork or appliqué and incorporating the embroidered logo into a new design. Basically by, incorporating it into a patchwork or appliqué. This can turn the logo into a decorative element rather than an unwanted feature.

Quick Tips for Removing Embroidered Logos

I cannot empathize enough when it comes to testing. Most important thing is to test on a small area. That is to say even before you attempt to remove the entire logo. Take a look at our portfolio on apparel and fashion logo and imagine how to remove these kind of logos on clothing. Always  test your chosen method on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric to ensure it doesn’t cause any damage or dis-coloration. In fact, removing embroidered logos requires patience, precision, and careful attention to detail. By following these expert tips, you can successfully remove logos from fabric while minimizing the risk of damage. Now you have to ask yourself why do you even need to remove a brand? Let’s talk about this, 

Why Would You Need To Remove An Embroidered Logo From A T-shirt

Lacoste embroidered logo on the back of a t-shirt

Well, there are several reasons why someone might want to remove an embroidered logo from a T-shirt. The first one that I can think of is if you are thinking of rebranding your company to amplify growth.

For example, if you feel that you need to undergo a rebranding process by changing logo. Make all your merchandise have the new logo to update your look then you will also have to remove all old embroidered logo from garments. 

The second reason that you might want to remove logo embroideries is because you would like to personalize it. After all,  some individuals may want to personalize their clothing by removing logos or branding that they don’t identify with or simply prefer not to display. They really want to create a new lifestyle brand.

Donation Or Resale Of Clothing

Furthermore you might want to donate or re-sell some of the clothing that you previously had the embroidered logo on. Of course, it is easier to sell or give away if the logo is not on the clothing. Removing any sign of a brand will then make the items more versatile and appealing to a wider audience, especially if the original branding is no longer relevant or desirable.

In some cases, an embroidered logo may become damaged or start to fray, prompting the wearer to remove it for repair or to facilitate alterations to the garment. Nothing last forever, not even the famous Lacoste crocodile embroidered logos. And no, it is not an alligator. 

Removing Embroidered Logos To Customize Your Garments

Another reason might be that your would like to start again. Something fresh and new. So you might remove existing logos to create a blank canvas for adding your own designs, patches, or embellishments. Understandably, if you are taking over a company, then it is very important to add your own touch to it. 

Let’s also consider, uniformity. As of course in certain settings, such as sports teams or group events, participants may want to remove logos from their T-shirts to create a uniform appearance or to avoid promoting specific brands during the event.

Last reason you might want to remove an embroidered logo on clothing is that you  might simply prefer a minimalist aesthetic or don’t want to display logos or branding on their clothing for personal or stylistic reasons. After all, it is very fashionable to not stand out too much and to be discreet for the new Gen-Z generation.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important to approach the process of removing an embroidered logo from a T-shirt with care to avoid damaging the fabric or altering the garment’s appearance in an unintended way. Read more about removing techniques for embroidery on clothes.

Wrapping Up

So, in conclusion, say goodbye to those pesky embroidered logos with ease and quickly achieve a polished and refined appearance for all of your favorite garments and fashion accessories. Don’t let unsightly logos and branding ruin your look any longer. Therefore let’s take control today with these simple yet effective steps.


What are you waiting for? Update your brand and start enjoying a more polished and refined look that truly reflects your company branding. With these simple yet effective steps, removing embroidered logos from your clothing and accessories has never been easier. Take charge of your look and say goodbye to unwanted branding today!

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