Should A Logo Be Timeless?

A Timeless Logo: How Famous Designs Evolve

People often ask for a timeless logo, something that never gets old. You know, those big “Mega Corporates” with logos that seem like they’ve been around since forever? Turns out, they actually change quite a bit, more often than you might think.


Infographic Timeless Logos

Check out this infographic how some of the world’s most famous brands have adapted their logos over time. It’s a trip from their early days to how they look now. What’s surprising is that some logos started out resembling their competitors’ logos. However, others seem like they have hardly changed at all. It’s like the idea of staying forever stylish wasn’t really the plan for most of these first attempts.

Infographic on if it's necessary to have a timeless logo design.
It’s important to have a timeless logo design if you look at the evolution of big corporates.


Tell your brand’s story with a timeless logo design

These timeless logos are more than just designs. More so, they tell stories of how companies want to be seen, how they change their style to match the times. Sometimes they don’t change much at all. Above all, it’s a reminder that even the biggest logos have their own journey. Understandably, pretty interesting to see how they’ve grown while still keeping a hint of where they started.


So, next time you see a timeless logo and think. “That’s been the same forever,” take a closer look. You might just uncover a whole history of evolution, a journey from the past to the present. All hidden within those letters, shapes, and colors!


Most importantly, often the brand with it’s timeless logo takes a leap forward with the logo design. Modernizing to cater to a changing world but this is not always the case. Notice for instance how one or two of the brands seem to take a step back in time to a more retro or vintage style. During the lifespan of a brand there may be certain external factors.  Making it more appropriate to look back to better times rather than looking forward to the unknown.


It’s possible that these backward looking brand changes are influenced by a poor run of results or something else. Making them feel more comfortable with the past. Instead of looking to innovate and take a big stride forward. It might be easier at the time to consolidate and regroup based on previous results.


Tell us what you think of the way these global brands have evolved and whether you think their latest incarnation is an improvement on their starting point.

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