10 Popular Logo Shapes

Which ones are the 10 Popular logo shapes? Well, squares and rectangles are among the most common shapes in a logo design but there are more. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular shapes and see if you can find one that you like. Remember that only your own opinion matters really. 

1. The Circular Logo Shape

TLC Logo in black, blue and orange. A simple beautiful button shaped logo shape and brand color. What is a logo? This is a logo to us

Firstly, take a look at the shape of the logo for The Logo Company. We created a circular one to make it more memorable. Remember that circular logos are popular because they are versatile, and create a lasting impression on your potential customer.  More importantly, the shape represents timelessness and infinity, while their symmetry is visually appealing. Therefore, a circular logo is an excellent way to help your brand stand out. After all, circles in logo shapes are beautiful in my opinion and gives your brand the attention and recognition it deserves.

2. Square shaped logos

Federal Landscaping has a square logo shape that is easily re-sizable. The Eagle is blue and the logo is very patriotic looking

Now, the second logo shape that I would like to discuss is the square logo. These are most know for being like the circular one, versatile, creating balance and stability. However it mostly represents stability, equality, and strength. One important aspect is that they are easy to scale and resize. Remember that you logo needs to go on a lot of different merchandise and you need to re-size it almost constantly so a square logo shape is then extremely good to have. Furthermore it is a good starting point for a strong brand identity.

3. The Triangular Shaped Logos

Triangular shaped logo with the angle down to symbolise stability. A Corps Security logo in blue, yellow and red.

Well, a triangle symbolizes creativity, power, and progression. Big international companies like Delta Airlines and Adidas use triangual shaped logos for their brands.  Furthermore, a triangular shaped logo can be visually appealing for a number of reasons. Mostly because of the logo shapes strong and distinct lines, which can make them easy to recognize and memorable. Additionally, triangles can convey a variety of meanings, depending on their orientation and color. For example, an upward facing triangle can symbolize growth and progress. However, a downward facing triangle can symbolize stability and foundation. The use of symmetry and negative space can also create an interesting design within a triangular shape. 

4. The Rectangle

Most of all, a rectangle represents equilibrium, organization, and trustworthiness. Large companies like Airbnb and FedEx use rectangles in their logos. We have designed many rectangular shaped logos over the years and the clients have always been happy with their finished product. 


A rectangular shaped logo is popular for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a clear and easy-to-read space for the brand name to be displayed. The straight edges and clean lines of the rectangle also give a professional and modern look, which can be easily manipulated to fit a range of applications.

Furthermore, the rectangular shape offers a versatile canvas for expressing brand identity. It can be modified to incorporate other design elements such as colors, typography, imagery, and patterns, while still maintaining the brand’s overall look and feel.

5. Diamond Shaped Logos

Picxlit is a company that uses many little diamonds in the P.

A diamond signifies luxury, durability, and elegance.  Famous companies like Tiffany & Co. and also Delta Airlines use diamonds in their logos.


However, even if diamond-shaped logos can be effective for some companies, they are not always the best choice. After all, the diamond shape can convey a sense of luxury, quality, and prestige, which might be appropriate for high-end brands, like jewelry or fashion companies. On the other hand, diamond shapes might not work well for companies that want to appear more approachable, fun, or modern. So maybe diamond shaped logos are not  all companies best friend but if you are a high end luxury one then of course, go for it. Some design firms use diamond in their logos. 

6. Oval Logo Design

You might know that an oval represents sophistication, friendliness, and inclusivity. Harley Davidson and Heineken use ovals in their logos.  The famous motorcycle club use the oval shaped logo as a symbol that represents the company’s rich history and heritage.


The logo features a black shield with a white bar at the top, with “Harley-Davidson” emblazoned in bold white letters. The centerpiece of the logo is the Harley Davidson bar and shield emblem, with the traditional orange and black coloring. More so, the oval shape is an important design element as it helps to create a sense of balance and stability. 

My customers often used oval logos to do just that, to symbolize sophistication and balance. 

7. Blob Shaped

dirt therapy is a blob shaped logo with no beginning and no end. Its just a blob. A dark brown mud blob with text inside

This is the more fun loving customer that would pick the blob. For instance, a blob represents uniqueness, imagination, and playfulness. You might think if  Snapchat and Mozilla when you think of blob like use  logos.


Yes, blob shaped logos are becoming increasingly popular in the design world. The organic and fluid shapes of blobs can add a contemporary and playful touch to a brand, making it more approachable and memorable. Furthermore, blob shapes can also be used to represent a variety of things such as a feeling of movement or a symbol of the environment in which the company operates, making them a versatile option for a logo design. Brands like Dropbox and Mailchimp have already incorporated blob shapes into their logo design.


One interesting thing is that blob shapes can also be paired with a bold color palette and modern typography. Mostly to create a cohesive and impactful brand identity. Overall, blob shaped logos are a trendy and effective way to make a brand stand out in today’s overcrowded market.

8. The Traditional Shield

Beautiful Canadian Security shield shaped logo with a royal eagle all in steel great. The inside of the logo has a red outlined star

Most of all, a shield symbolizes security, protection, and strength. You might think of companies like BMW and Burger King use shields in their logos. The most common use of shield shaped logos for my customers are those who are looking to make patriotic or veteran logo designs


Shield-shaped logos are a popular choice for representing veteran organizations due to their association with strength, protection, and honor. More so, the shield shape itself is often reminiscent of a warrior’s shield, a symbol of protection and defense.

In addition to the shape, shield logos for veterans often incorporate patriotic colors such as red, white, and blue, as well as significant images such as eagles, stars, and flags. As we know, these elements honor the sacrifices made by veterans for their country while also conveying a sense of patriotism and pride.

9. Ribbon Shaped Logos

Small Batch Jam has a ribbon with the name of the logo. A very versatile feature that can be moved and put on everything.

For most people, a ribbon represents elegance, femininity, and sophistication. To name two, Coca-Cola and Airbnb use ribbons in their logos.


I think of elegance when I think of ribbons. Their flowing curves and delicate nature communicate luxury, sophistication, and quality. Perhaps also evoking positive emotions and associations with special occasions. Ribbons are versatile, serving as an accent, centerpiece, or part of the typography. It can be moved pretty much anywhere in the design. By incorporating ribbons into logos, brands can create a memorable and elegant identity that really appeals with their audience.

10. The Super Star

Jess Camp uses a pink star between the words Jess and Camp. Ann all pink look

The last one up, not surprisingly a star symbolizes wonder, aspiration, and spirit. We recognize Mercedes-Benz and Starbucks to use stars in their logos. The thing is that over the years that we have created stars for our customer’s logos, I have noticed that mostly fitness or gym companies ask for a star to be included. 

Understandably, fitness, health and gym logos often have a star incorporated into them because stars are associated with success, achievement, excellence. In short,  being a super star. In the fitness industry, these qualities are highly valued and sought after by both customers and businesses alike. After all, the star symbolizes the idea that by using the company’s products or services, their customers will achieve greatness in their fitness journey. Additionally, the star is a visually pleasing design element that can be incorporated in various ways to create a dynamic and memorable logo. Overall, the star in fitness logos serves as a way to communicate the brand’s commitment to helping their clients reach their fitness goals while also representing the ideals of excellence and success in the industry.

Wrapping Up On Top 10 Popular Logo Shapes

As you can see there are different shapes that corresponds to different businesses. I think it comes down to traditions as well. For example, like fitness company’s needs a star, a fun loving company needs a blob. Perhaps a veteran company needs a shield, and diamond shapes are for top end expensive businesses etc. Regardless of the shape that you chose for your logo, make it your own. Go out of the traditional box and just visualize how you want it to look. Ask your friends for advice, go out into the nature and look at natures shapes. Be inspired by yourself and you will get the perfect logo shape regardless of the popular must have shapes.  For more info check out our infographic of logo shapes

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