The Ultimate Logo For Your Fitness Company

When marketing your fitness business, ask yourself one simple question: 


Are clients going to remember you? 


If your business and brand are memorable, then you will achieve a higher conversion rate when potential clients visit your website. You’ll achieve positive word of mouth and referrals, helping you expand the reach of your business. You will have a strong level of brand recognition. 


If your fitness business is forgettable, then you will always be beaten by the competition. Marketing isn’t a sprint, but you still need to start on the right foot. From a marketing perspective, scientific perspective, and consumer perspective, your brand matters. 

The Science Doesn’t Lie

Let’s dive into the science behind the right logo. 80% of people remember what they see. 20% remember what they hear. 10% remember what they mean. 


It doesn’t matter how compelling your CTA is. If the logo at the top of your website page doesn’t stand out, you’ll face an uphill battle to win over the client. 


Furthermore, it takes the brain 13 milliseconds to process an image. You can convey a lot about your business in those precious moments if you have a great logo. 


If you are marketing your fitness business online, you might be focusing on your marketing on the concept that ‘content is king.’


While this is true, most people only read 28% of the words on a page. That’s why any copy for a website needs to be punchy, concise, and hard hitting. If you don’t hit these marks it will be forgotten.


If a user clicks on your home page, a lot of info and the marketing pitch needs to come from your logo and the imagery attached to your brand. You need to convey your brand, your perspective, and your business identity. 


This might sound like a lot. But the right logo can convey all the information and so much more. 

What’s In A Logo?

The best logos are synonymous with the identity of a business. To prove this, let’s look at two of the most timeless logos that exist today: Apple and Disney. 


Apple has the perfect symbol. That Apple is recognized across the world. It’s understood in different languages and cultures. It’s simple, minimal, and modern. It perfectly represents the products the business sells. People often assume that the bite of the apple is a reference to Turing. In reality, it’s to ensure consumers wouldn’t confuse it with any other fruit. 


The Disney castle is understood as a symbol of family-friendly entertainment. It successfully conveys ideas of wonder, imagination, and fantasy. 


Logos don’t have to be complex to highlight what your business is and what it can offer. The best logos aren’t. They are simple. They use those 13 milliseconds to show:

  • What a business is
  • What it can offer
  • Who it will appeal to 

You can highlight every key aspect of your fitness brand with the right logo. You can show your company is:

  • Modern
  • Stylish
  • Energetic 
  • Professional

Little details matter here. You can convey that your brand is energetic and vibrant by using bright and brilliant colors as part of your logo. The type of shapes and lines that you use can also convey a sense of energy. 


Some logos for fitness businesses include imagery too. This imagery highlights key ideas about the brand such as:

  • Who it’s for
  • What type of workout is available 
  • What results a client can achieve

A logo can even be used to accentuate your business name. You probably spent more time thinking about the name for your business than choosing the logo. A lot of new fitness business owners make this mistake. 


Remember, it’s more likely that clients will remember the company logo compared with the name. 


It’s more difficult to convey ideas about the business with a name too. Take an example like “American Gym.” Sure, potential clients might assume this is a good ol’ American gym. But the brand logo cements this by using retro imagery with subdued vintage shades and fonts. The name is also accentuated with the colors of America. 


A glance at a logo likely immediately conveys certain ideas. It suggests the gym is for people who want to work hard, escape modern concepts of fitness and get back to what matters: pumping iron. 


Logo designs like this aren’t an accident. The company understands who its target audience is. The business then uses the logo to integrate with the brand name and identity to appeal directly to them. 

Keeping It Professional

Fitness companies face a problem. Potential clients are immediately looking for a reason to dismiss your business. 


Many customers who arrive at the digital doors of your company have tried other solutions on the market to no avail. They’ve probably already been bitten by at least one gimmick personal trainer or fitness company. 


Getting them to trust your business is going to be a challenge and first impressions matter here. 


One of the key ideas that a logo can highlight is that your brand is professional. If your logo looks great, then potential clients are going to want to learn more about your business. It can be the perfect hook to reel them. 


Alternatively, if you have a poor logo that looks unprofessional they might assume that your business isn’t successful and can’t be trusted. You only have a finite amount of time to make that client conversion. The best logo and brand choices will guarantee that you use that time in the most effective way possible.


If you are working as a personal trainer, clients will already be wary. You won’t be attached to a larger, trusted brand. You can eliminate this issue with a logo that helps establish you as a key player in the fitness industry that they can count on. 

Beat Your Competition

The number of fitness businesses operating in the US is expected to climb over 102,000 by 2021. 


Before your business even opens its doors, potential customers have thousands of other options available to them. 


You need to ensure that they choose your business over key competitors. Some of these companies will be able to offer clients experiences that you can’t. Others will have years of experience and trusted recognition to build on.


You need to find a way to level the playing field. The right logo and strong brand identity can ensure you achieve this. 


A business logo can also help you demonstrate the USP or unique selling proposition. This is the key idea or concept that separates you from the rest. Perhaps your fitness business is based around clients having fun. 


Or, maybe you’re focusing on ensuring that fitness is a family activity for people of all ages. These are just a couple of the USPs that you can demonstrate with your logo. Remember, with the right logo, you can highlight any message or idea that you want your audience to attach to your fitness company. 

Create Brand Loyalty

It’s easier and more cost-friendly to keep existing clients instead of finding new ones to bring to the fold. Did you think that a logo and your brand identity were just about converting new customers?


Think again, You can use the right logo to establish brand loyalty too. To understand why we need to consider something that customers hate. 


Customers hate rebranding. Arguably, the best example is ‘New Coke.’ People assume that New Coke failed because it tasted awful. 


The reality is that New Coke beat regular Coke and Pepsi and taste tests, forcing the rebrand. So, why did it fail? The simple answer. Customers hate change and they love consistency. 


Clients will use your services once. If they like it and they see your logo again, they’ll associate that logo or imagery of your brand with the initial positive experience. This could even help you bring customers back months after their first interaction with your company. 


However, this is only going to happen if you have a logo that is memorable and that sends the right message from the first interaction. 

Make Your Fitness Business Timeless

Achieving longevity should be a primary goal with your fitness company. You need to ensure that your brand is recognized for years. 


The best business logos are timeless. They are remembered and used for years if not decades. 


Using a professional design service for your logo, you can achieve this goal. You can ensure that your fitness business logo stands out, is remembered, and delivers the winning punch against key competitors that you need. 


So, now you understand the importance of the right logo and building an identity. At The Logo Company, we believe there’s an art to creating the perfect symbol for every business and brand. Get in touch now and discover how we can help your fitness brand gain the right level of attention and be remembered.

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