Throwback Football Logos

Football Teams make logo changes with the sesons.

With the football season in full flow we thought it would be interesting to look at some of the teams branding efforts and see what changes have been made over the years to their logos. What is striking about this research is that many of the teams make lots of logo changes over the years and very few retain almost identical logos to their originals. Does this say something about the ambition of these teams? What conclusions can we draw from this research if any? One thing for certain is that football is big money and the logo gives the fans something to get behind and show their support.

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Infographic by The Logo Company of  Football logos and how they have evolved over the years. Logo changes are obvious for almost every team

If you had the opportunity to update your teams logo, what would you choose to represent them? With so much money at stake you can understand why some teams appear to not want to rock the boat with radical design changes whilst others positively embrace change. Another observation is that there are a lot of sports logos out there that use animals to represent the brand. When you think that sports teams are all about power and teamwork, it’s no surprise that the animals selected to represent the teams, all have positive traits.

One thing is for sure that no matter what the logos look like, we are in for another great season. Happy to hear your comments as always.

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