What’s in a Name? Starting a Family Genealogy Business

What does Family Genealogy Business mean exactly

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Are you a history buff? Do you have a special interest in uncovering the meaning behind coats of arms? Starting a business in family genealogy may be a fantastic career path for you! Studying coats of arms in family genealogy requires many hours of work and a lot of intuition. You must be able to work well with others. You must also know how to research a family history with little information, to begin with. By creating a branding plan and a marketing plan, you can have a successful business in studying coats of arms.

Using Coats of Arms in Genealogy

The coat of arms is one of the most recognizable ways people have used imagery and colors to create symbolism for their family names and class. Coats of arms originated from centuries ago. Selective painted images were used to signify special achievements or accomplishments, usually from battle. Certain colors denoted class or rankings in combat. These coats of arms have been passed on through generations of families, and today they are used to identify ancestry. Special markings can be traced back to hundreds of years ago to detect how far back a family name goes and how that family’s history started.

Passion is Everything

In order to begin a business in genealogy using coats of arms, you must be very passionate about history and ancestry. Although it is not entirely required, you may want to seek out an education in genealogy, medieval history, or general business. You can even go as far as earning a Ph.D. in these fields. If you do not have a full education, passionately participating in genealogy and coats of arms as a hobby is very important.

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As a genealogist, you must be able to trace back on family histories through research because it is likely you will have little information to start with. You must be able to work well with people. Your job will require you to interview clients to learn more about them and any helpful information they may already have about their family’s history. You will likely spend many hours in an office or a library as you search through old records and files online for more information. You will also have to carefully study coats of arms and easily identify what specific markings and colors signify.

Branding Strategies for Your Genealogy Business

To brand your business in genealogy, you will, funny enough, need a logo to identify yourself! Your logo should consist of the name of your business or an abbreviation. It should also include some type of image that gives an idea of what you do. You may even choose to use a coat of arms as part of your logo design! Choose colors that will attract attention without making the logo seem too crowded or unpleasing to the eye.

Sharing is Caring

Additionally, as part of your branding strategy, you should teach your knowledge to others in some way or another. A simple way to do this is to explain a client’s coat of arms to them. You can describe what every part of the coat of arms means and how their family history is portrayed through it. On a larger scale, you can teach a group of people as a guest speaker about identifying different parts of coats of arms. If you have a website for your genealogy business, you can host webinars or post helpful information. Clients will be enticed to seek business with you, by sharing some of your knowledge,

Another part of your branding strategy will be to have strong communication skills. As mentioned before, you will have to interview your clients before researching their coat of arms. You must be able to ask all the right questions and stay in contact with them to explain any new information you learn. You will also have to be able to communicate with your peers in the genealogy field to seek advice or ask for additional help in uncovering the history behind a coat of arms.

Marketing Strategies for Your Genealogy Business

To market your business as a coat of arms genealogist, you’ll need to take to the internet to advertise! It is a good idea to have a website for your business. There, you can have a description of the type of work you do. You can provide some background knowledge on coats of arms. Make contact information available on the website. You may even consider posting testimonials from past clients that show how well you do in your business.

Targeting your Market

Something you may consider is focusing on a target market. By choosing a target market, it will be easier to shape your advertising strategy for your business. Your target market may be an older community that has a lot of family memorabilia but little information on family history. Young adult Americans can be another good target market. They will have many ancestors that emigrated, and a coat of arms could lead them to the origin of their family name. You can also base your target market on other demographics like a local region.

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Finally, networking with other genealogists and historians will be crucial to successfully market your business. Genealogy is not a highly recognized profession. It’s important to meet new people and explain what you do. This is especially true when you are specializing in a niche area, such as coats of arms. Attend events, collaborate with others in your field, and create a network of resources to aid you in your journey.


Starting a genealogy business that specializes in coats of arms can be a tricky feat. You will have to develop a strategic branding plan and marketing plan to get your business up and running. Remember to stay passionate about your work, and keep an open line of communication. Create a traditional logo with the right font and typography that effectively identifies your business. To market yourself, you will need to utilize online tools and make a website. By choosing a target market, it will be easier to find clients that require your services. Then, you can expand your outreach as your business flourishes.

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