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A lot of Famous Companies Creates Custom Easter Logos

First of all, Easter logos are, in general, really cute and customers love them. So, there are a number of symbols that usually come to mind when we think of Easter. Bunnies, chicks and eggs are probably the most common. However, the traditional motif associated with the holiday is the cross as Easter is a Christian feast. Usually with, some say, partially pagan roots that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus.

But what happens to various company logos around Easter time, and how do they make use of the aforementioned frequently used symbols?

Google Easter logo with two Easter eggs instead of the "oo's"
Google Easter logo with two Easter eggs instead of the “oo’s”

Bizarrely, this is one of only a few Easter-themed Google Doodles the search has even done. This particular one is from 2000. It focuses on the Easter egg, a tradition popular with both the religious and secular community alike.

Eggs, sometimes hollowed out chicken ones or else artificial ones made of wood or cardboard, are often elaborately decorated, while chocolate ones are frequently given as gifts. Sometimes Easter egg hunts are held, usually for small children, with eggs hidden outside and often said to have been placed by the bunny.

Custom Easter Logos Are Traditional For A Lot Of Companies 

Fiverr pink easter logo bunny is a rabbit with pink ears and big teeth

The origins of Easter Logos

The origins of Easter logos can be traced back to the early Christian church. The cross, which is the ultimate symbol of Christianity, is one of the most common logos. Other religious symbols, including the dove, the fish, and the lamb, are also popular logos during the Easter season.

As Christianity spread throughout the world, different cultures adopted their own unique Easter logos. For example, in many European countries, the Easter bunny is a popular logo that represents the fertility and new life associated with the season.


All shapes and sizes

Today, Easter logos come in all shapes and sizes, and they are used to celebrate the holiday in a variety of ways. Easter logos are a great way to spread the joy of the season and honor the traditions of the past.

The Easter bunny, as stylishly depicted in this logo, was allegedly introduced to the US by German immigrants in the Pennsylvania Dutch area in the 18th century. This bunny was actually originally a hare who delivered – or, more specifically, laid – brightly coloured eggs into the caps and bonnets of good children on the night before Easter.

German folklore added the mythical element of a magical rabbit that laid eggs symbolizing new life and fertility. Today, the Easter Bunny is cherished worldwide.

The website Ask.com Easter look. The search box is visible surrounded by little chicks and colorful eggs
The website Ask.com Easter look. The search box is visible surrounded by little chicks and colorful eggs

More importantly, Ask.com has featured a number of cuddly Easter creatures on its home page.  I particularly like this one due to the use of those fluffy little chick decorations that mysteriously start appearing everywhere in the lead up to the holiday. Despite only being pieces of coloured fluff, they always seem to have the most amusing expressions. Cuteness aside, chicks’ frequent appearances around Easter are ostensibly due to their association with spring and new life. You can hide Easter eggs on your website you know. 

More Custom Easter Logos worth looking at?

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(I apologise profusely for the above for the awful mischief done to the English language in the above paragraph; I swear it won’t happen again. Until next year, that is.)

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