A Logo Design Is Born

Did you ever wonder were the first logos came from?

The birth of a logo design goes right back in to ancient antiquity. Actually, as soon as we humans developed self awareness, we have tried to brand ourselves. I guess we knew early on that a picture paints a thousand words and messages could be delivered through signs and symbols. In today’s world pictures mean everything just like then. 


A Logo Design is Born In A Cave

Is a cave painting going back thousands of years really the birth of logo design? What do you think? 

First logos in the world came to life in caves just like this infographic by The Logo Company explains.
The first logos that man ever made dates back thousands of years and today pictures are still the way we communicate best today.

Is the Christian cross one of the first? 

More importantly, where do you think the true birth of a logo design lies? Do we go back to the cave paintings or perhaps the start of Christianity. Is the Christian cross any different from the IBM logo in it’s ability to communicate a message and grow a following? Let’s discuss.

In this infographic you can see the evolution from the primitive first cave paining to the ultra modern. Look at the  UPS logo design in 1907.  First logos for Ford motor and AT&T came in the 1900. Our car logo designs don’t look a lot different I think Car logos .

Can you imagine that set Star of David was first seen in 1300. Read more here Star Of David This was obviously not seen as a logo design. These church and Faith logos in out portfolio are well worth looking at Church logos  Furthermore,  as early as 1876 Bass Brewery became the first ever trademarked logo design in Britain. That is something, don’t you think? 


Primitive logo design or just as modern as todays

The American Red Cross is another significant early logo design that deserves to be in the A Logo Design Is Born infographic. 

In conclusion, the first logos are very old. Primitive but still not a lot different from today’s logos. Take a look at our Retro logos and see if you see any similarities. Any image that you see in this infographic, you could actually see in a logo design today. 

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