How To Best Edit A Logo

So, you are thinking about making an edit to your logo. Good idea! However how much do you need to edit it and why? Those are two very important questions the you need to answer your before you start the process.


Why Is Editing A Logo A Good Vs Bad Idea?

Leaves changing over time To edit a logo is to try to stay ahead of the game.

Editing a logo can be a good idea if it improves the design and aligns with the brand’s message. You do need to determine what that message is first. For example, a design update may be necessary to keep up with modern trends or to refresh an outdated design. It may also be necessary if the original design doesn’t translate well between different mediums or platforms. Perhaps you have had problems with the design in the past. Especially when it comes to printing on marketing materials. Volvo has gone through many updates over the past decades, see the latest Volvo updates

One very common thing when you design a logo is to make it too complicated and complex. It’s easy to want to say so much in just one look. However in my experience, less is definitely more. Unless you are design a character logo or a caricature design, then you can be as complex as possible. 

On the other hand, editing a logo can be a bad idea if it completely alters the original message and disconnects from the brand’s values. It’s essential to maintain consistency and recognition, so drastic changes are not always the best approach. After all, a logo is the face of a brand, and sometimes small tweaks and adjustments are enough to enhance it without changing it completely.

Small Tweaks Or Edits To Try In A Logo

Two girls working on edits on their logo on a desk in an office

Let's break thing up into 5 important point to think about when editing a logo

1. First of all try to simplify the design. Like I said, often , logos have unnecessary details that can be removed to make them simpler and easier to recognize. Just something you did not consider before. Ask for the opinion of your colleagues and friends to see it better. 


2. Second tweak you can try, change the color scheme. Most importantly, changing the colors of a logo can give it a new look and feel. For instance, it can be an edit to the logo like a change in the color shades. A little lighter, a little brighter for summer and then changing it to a bit darker for the winter. To follow the seasons is a great idea when it comes to editing slightly your logo. Well, unless you live in Florida I suppose. 


3. Third edit to a logo, adjust the font. For instance,  changing the style or size of a font can make a big  difference in the overall appearance of a logo. In my opinion, trying to make the logo as eligible as possible with a fat simple font always does the trick. Just use basically, make sure people can read it at a first glance and understand what it is you do. 


Editing By Adding Or Removing 


4. A forth suggestions that you might not have considered, adding or removing a graphic element. Sometimes adding or removing a graphic element can improve the logo’s visibility and make it more captivating. That big swirl with little bubbles might just need to bubbles taken off for it to be clearer. It’s easy to make complicated logo in the start up of your business. 


However you might actually want to add a graphic, a character to your logo to make it personal. Its normal that after a few years in the business you might want a character to symbolise what you do. This is something very common in one man/woman owned businesses like in sport or fitness businesses where logos often represent the owner.  Very true for the home decoration business or real estate business.

Examples Of Character Edits To A Logo

Small, subtle changes have been made over the years for a lot of our customers logo designs. These are three examples that you could change colors and use negative spacing to make a more modern logo look. 

Express Fitness has made character edits over the years
Papa's Parts Haus
Zone productions edits to their black and yellow character has added something extra to the design

5. Last, but not least, Experiment with negative space. Using negative space in creative ways can help to make a logo more visually appealing and enhance its meaning. Maybe you did not think of this edit to your logo before. Below you can find two clever logo designs that have used the negative space it’s advantage and made a nice modern feel. 

Clever use of space for Tempo.
JPR entertainments negative use of space is a good edit to a logo

Why Do You Need To Edit A Logo

Well, above all, editing a logo may be necessary for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be to update the logo to reflect changes in the company’s branding or image. A logo that looked modern a few years ago may appear outdated now, and an updated version may be needed to keep up with contemporary design trends.


Secondly, logos may need to be edited to make them more versatile or adaptable to different mediums. For example, a logo that looks great on a website may not translate well onto a business card or merchandise, and changes may be necessary to ensure the logo looks good across all platforms.


Additionally, changes may be needed to comply with legal or copyright restrictions, or to tweak certain elements of the logo to make it more effective in representing the brand’s values, mission or purpose.

Wrapping Up - Changing Your Logo

Ultimately, deciding whether to edit a logo should depend on the specific needs of the brand and what they hope to achieve with the change. Careful consideration and professional design advice can help ensure that any edits made are beneficial to the brand and its identity. That is just what we do here at The Logo Company. I would not recommend doing any edits without consulting a professional designer first as they have valuable experience of what might work. 


The team has spent so many years editing and creating logos (this making mistakes as well)  so you don’t have to start from nothing. Our editing costs are from 60 to 149 dollars depending on if you want just to change the font to a complete fresh makeover design. 

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