Cat-Eye or Winged Liner? How to Become a Beauty Blogger

Whether you like makeup, hair, or nails, beauty trends are a highly popular search term on the internet. If you share a passion for these niches, you should become a beauty blogger! If you’ve ever spent an afternoon practicing your winged eyeliner or testing out a new eyeshadow palette, you likely have a passion for this industry.


Beauty blogging is a very competitive industry. While it’s fun to use new makeup or experiment with hairstyles, it takes a lot of hard work to gain followers that want to watch you do it. To run a successful beauty blog, you will have to create a marketing and branding plan to get you there. This is especially crucial if you want to make money from this line of work.


How Will You Blog?

Beauty is a vast industry. There are many types of bloggers in the beauty niche. You can focus your blog on makeup tutorials, nail designs, hair care, or even step into the world of fashion. Some bloggers work in a more specified niche as well, such as beauty for specific skin or hair types. There are even beauty blogs devoted to viewers with disabilities or other disadvantages. Pick a corner of the beauty blogger market that speaks to you and that you have knowledge in.


Setting Trends

The world of beauty is a very fast paced and constantly evolving industry. Many beauty bloggers highlight trends, which are short-term, popular ideas that attract a lot of attention. Constant trends are part of what makes the industry so compelling. Blogging, in general, is also so popular because anyone can do it. If you can create a web page or a YouTube channel, then you can blog! What separates the great from the mediocre is talent and marketing strategies. Beauty, in particular, has taken the internet by storm, and you can get involved the moment you decide to do so.


There are a few different ways to blog in the beauty industry. The most popular and well-recognized way is to create a YouTube channel. Many beauty blogs include tutorials or how-to videos, so a YouTube channel is a great way to publish your own videos in a single place. You may also consider having your own website for blogging. You will have to market your website in multiple different ways to generate traffic. Other styles of blogging are done through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.



Marketing Strategies for Beauty Bloggers

Since beauty blogging is done on the internet, marketing through social media is the most important way to get your name out there. Consider making a Facebook page to promote your blog. There, you can post videos or links that direct back to your website, and you can reach a wider audience. The same goes for Instagram or Pinterest. These are both popular websites that allow you to generate traffic on your blog.


Creating Beauty Logos and Imagery

Whether you create a blog on a website or on a YouTube channel, you need to create a recognizable logo. Use imagery that tells your viewers exactly what type of blogger you are. Then, you can post that beauty logo on all your social media pages, so fans or new viewers can instantly find you. Along with your logo for the beauty industry, you need a catchy name for your blog. Choose a name that is short, concise, and garners interest.


Along with using social media, one of the strongest ways to market your blog is by collaborating with other bloggers. Since the industry is so competitive, especially for newcomers, collaboration is a great way to support your fellow beauty bloggers and attract new viewers. You can collaborate by doing a tutorial video together, offering a giveaway, or promoting each other’s work on your blog.


Branding Strategies for Beauty Bloggers

As mentioned previously, anyone can be a blogger. While some beauty bloggers may have gone to beauty school or worked at a salon, what makes a great beauty blogger is pure talent. You have to spend a lot of personal time practicing your skills to become recognizable in the field. Your talent will become your brand, and your skills will be what you’re known for. As you practice, you will discover what things you’re very good at and what things you’re not so good at. Take this as an opportunity to show how unique you are in the beauty blogging industry.


Living in the Limelight

Besides talent, you will need the proper equipment to be a successful beauty blogger. If your tutorial or review videos are filmed on an old cell phone in a low-light bedroom, nobody will be interested in watching. You will have to invest in a good quality camera and a lot of proper lighting. You may also want to consider purchasing video editing software, so your videos are smooth and easy to watch.


In relation to your marketing strategies, having an online presence is severely important in being a popular beauty blogger. This strong presence will make your career. If you are recognized online, many brands in the beauty industry will begin to offer you products to test or showcase within your blog. They may even pay you for advertising their products, if you have enough followers.




It only takes a little bit of your time to become a beauty blogger, but it takes a lot of hard work and talent to be successful and as popular as the ones you aspire to be. Make sure, when creating your plan, you think about what areas of beauty you want to focus on. Think about your skills and talents, and how you will stand out from the crowd in this competitive market. Take the time to connect with your viewers, and promote your work through social media. Also, take the time to connect with other beauty bloggers to support one another. Make investments where necessary, whether it’s in equipment or the time to create a beautiful and appealing blog and logo. If you take these necessary steps, you can be a very successful beauty blogger.

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