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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the dental sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Dentist & Orthadontist Logo Design Explained

Logos for dentists are a key part of bringing in new business because they are the outward facing representative of your practice. It is how potential customers and clients recognize you. Dental logo design is just as important as any other type of business branding because it distinguishes your practice from others, shows what your specialties are, and gains a customers’ trust because they know that you take pride in your profession. However, how do you find the right design for your surgery?

How Do Logos Affect your Dental Practice?

Scientists have done a lot of research on how imagery and logos result in certain responses from the public. They have proven that even the quickest glimpse of a design can change a person’s way of thinking. Because logos are such an important part of today’s society, designing one the right way is extremely important.


You want your patients to respond with positive thinking when they see your brand. This will fill the potential patient with trust and encourage loyalty. Your logo can change the way they feel so that they have positive thoughts when they walk through your door.

Creatively Show your Specialty

A logo design for a dental practice is one of the best ways to show the public what it is you specialize in. Every dental practice is different, so incorporating what you want to be known for is a direct way for customers to see who you are without doing any hard research. Are you a orthodontist? Creating a design featuring imagery of people with straight teeth, or braces might be a good way to project this.


Do you specializes in treating children? Design an eye-catching and colorful logo that will get kids excited about going to the dentist and put parents at ease. If you are a dental surgeon, show that you can take care of the whole family.

Avoid Clichés

If all logos look the same, it’s hard for customers to distinguish your service from the other guys in town. Try not to use just one image of a tooth or toothbrush. While these images are immediately associated with dentistry, they can appear to be over used in the industry unless done right. Do some research about the other practices in your area and avoid creating something similar to avoid confusion. Design an image that will show who you are in a unique way and project the qualities you want to be known for.


Try illustrations of happy people, cartoon smiley faces, or even of smiling animals that don’t have teeth such as penguins. Shapes are also a great way to create a distinctive design. You can design any illustration with fun shapes that people will recognize when they see it again.

Choose Colors Carefully

The most prominent colors in dentistry logos are pink, white, and red. The brain associates these colors with the mouth. Green, even dark green is a calming hue and puts people at ease. Blue brings professionalism. Try combinations of the colors that remind you of a mouth and add a touch of blue of green to compliment.


Stick to the same color tones. If one or more of your colors are dark, keep all of them on the darker side. If you design with bright shades or pastels, create the rest of your pattern or image within the same range. This makes for an aesthetically pleasing image. It is something that is beautiful and will remind clients of your practice when they see it.


Use Simple Fonts


Simple fonts may sound boring but they are easier to read. You want to use simple and clear fonts similar to Times New Roman or Arial. If your J’s look like G’s, potential clients won’t be able to understand who you are, even if they hear your name, their brains will only recognize the name if they remember it.


You don’t want people to remember your name wrong. Simple fonts also air a sense of professionalism. It shows that you are a practice dedicated to providing the best of care to your patients and you are clear-headed. Bold fonts are also good because they make a positive statement and demand attention.


Use Precise Word Choice


Keep the wording simple by only stating the name of your business. A logo is something that you put on business cards, signs, brochures and other advertisements. These are things that should already have your phone number, email, and address. You don’t put phone numbers and addresses on your logo as this takes away the focus from the design.


A logo should have your chosen image or design and the name of your practice. The other information is added separately to your choice of advertisements. This allows a range of advertisement opportunities in that you are able to resize your design to fit any space without worrying about illegible information.


Design for Versatility


Your logo should be created to go on any medium you choose to advertise on. It should look the same on business cards as it does on billboards. Keeping your design clear and simple will allow you to put it on anything and widen your range of visibility. It should also be designed to look good in newspapers and emails.


If your logo features many small and thin lines, it will be harder for those fine lines to show up in smaller mediums. Likewise, if the lines are too big they will take over the whole advertisement and look blurry and unprofessional when used in small sizes.


Creating the best logo for your dental practice puts you ahead of others in your local area. Choose images carefully, keeping the whole of your design simple but recognizable. Try not to use illustrations that have been used a dozen times before, so as not to get confused with someone else. Choose colors that your patients will associate with your trade, but aren’t so different that they clash and confuse. Above all else, don’t be afraid to try something new. Turn to The Logo Company to get your dental branding just right.