Open Wide! Having a Private Dentistry Business

Don’t let your medical degree go to waste! It’s time to put your practice in dentistry to good use. If you can’t see yourself working for someone else, you may want to start your own private dentistry business. Being your own boss will take a lot of work on your part, but you’ll have the freedom to work in the environment that you want to. Follow the tips below for an inspiring start to your dentistry practice.

Beyond Dentistry

Starting your private dentistry business will have some differences, compared to a public dentist. Your practice will be much smaller. You’ll also have a more intimate group of clientele. The location your business will operate from will be significantly smaller than a public dentist’s office. There are plenty of benefits that come with this. It will be easier to get in contact with your clients, and it will be easier to schedule and organize your work week. Having a private practice will also allow you to pay more attention to each patient that comes in. Being able to focus on each patient individual will allow you as a dentist to perform your best.

No Matter the Size

No matter what size your practice is, you will likely be performing dentistry on both children and adults. Everyone needs proper oral care, after all! However, as a private practice, you can decide where your focus will lie. You may offer your basic dental services, such as teeth cleaning, filling cavities, and braces. Instead, you may be more interested in offering cosmetic dental work. This line of work would include teeth whitening or dental reconstruction. A key factor to remember is that the narrower your practice becomes, the harder you will have to work to build a clientele base. On the other hand, you may be able to gain a larger profit if you specialize in a certain area of dentistry.

You will need to hire staff for your private dentistry business. You can’t do everything alone! At the bare minimum, you will require a secretary and an assistant to work regular office hours alongside you. The larger your practice is, the more staff you will need. You may even consider hiring additional dentists to expand the services your business offers.

Branding Strategies for Dentistry Business

It may come as no surprise that many people have fears about visiting the dentist. Yes, even some adults avoid visiting a dentist out of fear! It’s important to create a friendly, hospitable, and friendly environment in your dentist’s office. For kids, consider having books or toys available in your office as a distraction and entertainment. For adults, magazines and a television can relax them. It is also wise to train your staff in dealing with patients. Many patients can become irritable when visiting a dentist because they are nervous. Your staff should be trained in handling these situations accordingly.

Easing Fears

To ease the fears of your patients, it may be wise to explain the process of any dental work you will be doing. Some aspects of dentistry can be difficult for the general public to understand. This may cause anxiety or irrational thoughts. Walk your patients through the process so they understand what will be happening in the dentist’s chair before it happens. As a dentist, you will also want to have a friendly disposition. Talk calmly to your patients. You may even try to get to know your patients on a personal level. Ask them about their day, or get to know a little about their family.

Between creating a hospitable atmosphere in your private practice and easing the fears of your patients, you can create a returning client base. In any business, it costs more money to take on new clients than to keep existing ones. It’s still important to bring in new patients. However, you will want to encourage your current patients to return to your office the next time they require dental work.

Marketing Strategies for Dentistry Business

Marketing your private dentistry business can have challenges. You will need to advertise both big and small. This means utilizing the internet, social media, and other multi-media for advertising. You may even consider print advertisement. The key to deciding which marketing tools are the best for you to use is by deciding on your target market. At the beginning of this article, you were asked to decide on the services you will offer. Will these services cater greatly to families or those seeking cosmetic dental procedures? Once you know where your target market lies, you can choose the advertising tools that will reach the majority of that market.

All in the Design

Another great way to market your private practice is a logo and business cards. First, design a dental logo. Your logo should use an assortment of eye-catching colors and imagery that achieve a couple goals. For one, your logo should easily purvey what your business is. You may want to use images of smiles or dental tools. Second, your logo will help you stand out from your competition. Make sure your logo looks unique and doesn’t blend in with logos from other dental practices. Next, include your logo on business cards. Your business cards will serve as one of the best marketing tools. Encourage your current patients to offer them to friends and family. Always keep some handy at a front desk and even on your person.

Funny enough, smiles will be the best way to market your business! What better way to show off your skills than with the white, straight teeth you perform on? Whether you are working with children or adults, ask if you can take a photo of your patients’ smiles. You can post these photos in your office or in other areas of advertising. If possible clients see the great work you do, they’ll be interested in visiting your private dentistry practice.


There is a lot of work to be done to operate a successful private dentistry practice! Before you’re fixing teeth, you’ll need an inviting office space that is properly staffed. To brand your business, you’ll need to focus efforts on easing the fears of your clients. You’ll also have to select a target market to effectively advertise your business. With these tips in mind, you’ll be seeing smiles all around! Read our brand guide

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