Keeping It Green: How to Open Up a Landscaping Business

Landscaping companies provide a vital service – they take care of people’s lawns and gardens. If you decide to open one, there are some things to consider, ranging from what type of landscaping you want to do to picking the best office location. You also need to think about how you’ll market your business in order to bring in clients. Without them, you won’t be in business for very long! Marketing usually involves the use of a logo and a website. We’ll discuss the particulars here.


What’s Your Business Specialty?

The number one thing to consider when starting a landscaping company is the type of landscaping that you want to do. Some companies specialize in corporate landscaping, while others focus solely on residential services. What does corporate landscaping entail? Well, it could involve everything from trimming the small patches of grass on the tree lawns of gas stations, weeding and mulching flower beds, or dealing with large expanses of grass in front of corporate headquarters. Residential landscaping seems to be the most obvious, although there are options there as well. You could end up handling the landscaping needs of a homeowner’s association and all of the houses in the development, or just taking on individual clients as needed. It all comes down to the services that you choose to offer. You could just do lawn maintenance, in which case you’ll be mowing, fertilizing, and weed treating lawns only. There are also options for designing gardens, in which case you’ll be working with clients to decide what goes in their flowerbeds, and then planting those chosen shrubberies or plants. Or, you could just maintain the flower beds. Tasks here include pulling weeds, deadheading flowers, and pruning. Although it’s best if you choose a specialty, there are some landscaping companies that do everything. If you are confident in your ability to hire skilled employees who can handle all of these tasks, then go ahead and do it. The choice is up to you.



Choosing a Location and Other Details

After you’ve decided on your landscaping company’s services, the next step involves setting up shop. You’ll need two different types of spaces – an office and a shop area. The former is for your office employees who’ll handle things like billing, marketing, collections, and accounting. The other is for the landscapers who’ll be out there taking care of clients. They’ll need equipment in order to do this, and those mowers, edgers, and other things will need to be stored someplace. You’ll also have to have pickup trucks and trailers to haul those items around from house to house. There are usually spaces in industrial parks and similar areas with buildings that fit these needs. This is why it’s so important to know what types of landscaping that you’re going to be doing – you’ll need different items for each task. For example, if your company is going to be taking care of lawns, then you won’t need many of the gardening tools. But if you’re going to be a landscaping and garden design company, then you might take on things like building and installing fences and trellises. You’ll need some construction tools in order to do that. With that said, this is all assuming that you’re starting out big. If you want to begin your company with a small crew and a limited amount of services, then you might just work out of your home. Your home office can be your office space, and your garage can serve as the shop. This is a valid way to go about business until you gain more clients and grow your business.



Marketing Efforts

Finally, after going through all of the steps already described, it’s time to begin marketing your company. First, you’ll need a name. You can use your first or last name in the title of your business, or even create a play on words that uses the name of a prominent street in your area. You can also use any number of puns or terms based on landscaping itself. There are names based on lawns, flowers, trees, and so on. Anything in nature is an option. Just keep in mind that it must be catchy and fairly short. No one wants to repeat a mouthful of a name when someone asks them who their landscaper is. Once you have the name, you’ll need to create a logo. Since you’re starting a landscaping company and not an accounting firm, you have the option choosing either a fun or a serious font. You can have a little fun with it. Generally, landscaping company logos have color green in them somewhere. They also contain images of trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass. You do need to remember that your logo will be placed on business cards, your website, your vehicles, any advertising efforts, polo-style uniform shirts, and possibly even baseball caps. It needs to be designed so that it fits all of these purposes. Plus, the more things your logo is on, the more advertising you’ll have. Advertising is important as it helps you gain more clients. You’ll need a website and some business cards. Those are the two most important things. You do need to make your employees wear a uniform of a polo-style shirt with the logo, as well as a baseball cap. These will help spread the word about your business when other people see them wearing those items. You can also market your business online, especially through ads on Facebook and Google. Newspaper ads, local magazine ads, and also yard signs – you know, the kind that go in your client’s yards – will help with this as well.



In order to run a successful landscaping company, there are several things that you need to do. You need to have a plan in place, as well as an office and shop space and some employees. You’ll also need a business name and a logo. Once these are in place, you can begin to advertise and bring in clients. Your business will take off before you know it!

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