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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the food & drink sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Food & Drink Logo Design Explained

Food and drink logo design is likely among the most recognizable and most commonly viewed logos. When you consider how many food and drink logos are presented to you daily, you will realize how important a distinct and unique logo is to your brand’s ability to stand out among the noise. Here are a few ways to create a logo that will establish your brand identity and inform consumers about your brand’s unique offerings.


Send a Message About Your Unique Offering


Each business has a special niche or unusual offering that sets them apart from the competition. Perhaps your business specializes in gourmet food, or sells only locally produced food products. Maybe it is gluten-free or vegan or low-carb. Whatever your specialty is, be sure your logo makes this feature visible.


The logo should give potential customers an idea of what to expect before they even place an order. For example, upscale restaurants often convey an air of exclusiveness with fancy typography. Vendors which specialize in affordable meals could incorporate a piggy bank in the logo.


Don’t leave customers guessing about what you have to offer when you can make it clear within the logo design. Keeping this in mind, try to avoid cliché designs, such as stereotypical images like forks, plates, cups, and tables.


Don’t Be Like Other Logos


Browsing through well-designed logos is a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your own, but avoid trying to copy someone else’s logo. Use other logos as inspiration, not as a template.


Use the logos of similar restaurants and food vendors to get ideas on how to convey a concept with images, colors, and typography. For instance, how do other vegetarian vendors indicate that no meat is served? What fonts are typically associated with the ethnic foods and drinks you are offering? How do other businesses use graphics to communicate their menu selections, such as gluten-free, low-carb, or low-calorie?


Look at how other logos answer your questions, then develop your own way to feature your brand’s unique selling point through graphics.


Look Appetizing


One of the most challenging aspects of designing a logo is creating one that makes people want to eat the food and sample the drinks. Sometimes using an image of the actual food is the best way to do this; other times it’s not.


Consider the type of food that you are selling. While an image of an ice cream cone may look appealing on a logo, a steak may not. Don’t settle on using the type of food you are offering in your logo before looking at a gallery of icons depicting that item. Unless the food pictured in the images looks like something good enough to eat, opt for a different way to communicate the message.


Use Appropriate Colors


Colors are extremely important in logos because they subconsciously trigger different thoughts and emotions.


If your company is in the ethnic food business, consider using the colors of the country’s flag in your logo to help connect your product to its roots. For example, many pizza and Italian food companies use one or more of Italy’s flag colors (red, green, and white) in their logos. Consider using colors in your logo that tie back to the early traditions, history, or culture of your restaurant style or product.


For businesses that are not tied to a rich history or culture, consider the emotional appeal that color may add to your brand, and select the color that best represents your brand.


1) Black is the color of authority and elegance, ideal for upscale restaurants and gourmet vendors.

2) Red is exciting and passionate, perfect for new offerings in the area, as well as fun nightspots.

3) Blue is the color of security and confidence, which is great for items that might be new or innovative.

4) Orange is creative and exciting, perfect for the one of a kind restaurant or trendy food truck.

5) Yellow is warm and happy, which goes extremely well with logos for sellers of comfort food and drinks.

6) Green is the color of nature, and is ideal for organic foods, all-natural foods, and locally grown produce.

7) Purple is royal and spiritual, which incorporates well into a message of fine foods and beverages.

8) Pink is youthful, playful, and fun, which is a perfect logo color for fun food like ice cream, snack food, and any food and drink sold to children.

9) Brown is the color of stability, a good logo choice for a restaurant or vendor wanting to become a pillar of the community.

Consider Different Colors and Sizes


When designing a logo, it’s easy to imagine how it will look in obvious locations like on your storefront sign or wrappers. But you need to consider all the places where the logo will be displayed when choosing the level of detail in your logo.


How will the design look in digital format on your website? How will it fit into the design of your social media accounts, such as your Facebook page or Twitter account? Does the design look good in a black and white newspaper ad or on a coupon? Picture all the possibilities then decide if you can use intricate or simple design elements in your logo.


Get the Perfect Logo With The Logo Company


For culinary artists and restaurateurs with no design experience, it can be hard to create a logo that encompasses your brand’s full identity. The Logo Company is here to help, with a simple process for getting your logo from conception to fruition. After you give your information to us, a team of designers will develop some ideas. The team will present their ideas to you, and you can select one of those ideas or request changes to one of the designs.


When the logo is exactly as you want it, it will be issued to you in a number of formats for different applications. It is the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to get the ideal logo for your new business.