Logo Spotter Week 23: Coffeehouse Logos

Can you guess the logos for these coffeehouses?

Coffeehouse logos are easy to guess, right? Well, check these 5 famous and 5 not so famous coffeehouse logos out and let me know if you see which company it is. After all, we all need a bit of a caffeinated kick to get you through the rest of the week?

This week’s Trivia Tuesday is all about the logos of some of America’s biggest coffeehouses. Does your favourite cup of coffee come from any of these?

The most famous of coffeehouse logos is a green dream. One can see one eye and bits of hair

A black swirl on a blue background makes it hard to guess which coffeehouse this is.

Brown font with the word Tea Le. This is another one of the coffeehouse logos to guess

Black and white shapes where bits of the letter eat can be seen.


5 Not So Famous Coffeehouse Logos

Now we’ ve come to the coffee-house logos that are not so easy to guess so I will just present them to you. These are my five favorite coffee brands but they are not as big as the previous ones. 


1. Bestpresso Coffee Logo – 

A minimalistic look with just an accentuation on the letter "O" Bestpresso is the first not so famous of the Coffeehouse logos.

The first one of Coffeehouse logos is as you can see a very minimalist logo featuring the letters “BP” in black, with the “s” forming a steam wave. I think it is memorable and the name is just right. Naming a logo is crucial. It has to sit just right on the tongue. 


2. Caffè Umbria

Caffe Umbria Artisan Coffee roaster is a lime green Italian coffee house logo easily recognizable with the tour and the font

The second example of delicious coffeehouse logos is Italian Coffee Caffe Umbria. The artisan coffee roaster has succeeded in making a balanced logo and more importantly, their coffee is super delicious. Read more about Caffee Umbria’s history 


3. Woods Coffee Logo

Woods coffee has a simple pine tree in between the words wood and coffee. Coffeehouse logos come in all shapes and imaginations.

Probably the most playful logo of the 5  featuring a cartoonish evergreen tree, with the company name in bold brown letters. Simple but effective. Not only do they produce great coffee but has made a strong commitment to environmentalism and sustainability. After all the icon of a tree, emphasizes the company’s dedication to preserving the environment and their community.


4. Revelator Coffee Company

Revelator Coffee company's logo in the shape of an eye.

Number four of coffeehouse logos is a sleek black and white logo featuring an abstract illustration of a coffee cup with steam rising from it. It looks like an eye with sun rays. The company name is in bold letters with a fat font. This is an American coffee roasting company that was founded in 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama. A really interesting fact is that the company takes pride in sourcing their coffee beans from independent farmers around the world and roasting them in small batches.

5. Gimme! Coffee Logo

Gimme coffee is an red coffeehouse logo with an exclamation mark. Minimalistic coffee house logo

5. Gimme! Coffee

Is really a minimalistic coffeehouse logo and consist of a simple font “gimme!” I must say the look is effective and red is always a color that stands out and brings out the passion in people. Check out their brand new Gimmie Coffee packaging design


Want a doughnut with that?

Next week lets talk about doughnut logos, yes you read it right. If you want to contribute to next week’s Trivia Tuesday either tweet us (remember to include #triviatuesday) or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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