Logo Wars – Battle Of The Brands

We consume their wares daily. We watch their advertising budgets explode before our eyes. We hear why Brand A is better than Brand B and why this Brand makes you look better than that Brand. You would have to live in a cave to not be touched by the billions of dollars spent yearly trying to get our attention. What do we really know about these brands though and who really is the Daddy of them all? Which logo do you connect with most?


Get ringside, pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and a tin of your favorite fizzy drink and watch these monsters go head to head.



Big brands in a similar niche feel the competition more than small businesses because they need to constantly please the stock markets and their shareholders. Being the biggest brand can drive up the share price of the business as it may be perceived by shareholders to be more innovative. This is not necessarily true though and big could also mean cumbersome and slow to react to change. Being the smaller sized brand can have the appearance of being leaner and quicker to react to changes in the market and this can also impact the share value positively. It might also appear that there is more room for brand growth so again driving up the share value of the business.


Even though one business has better stats than another, it really does not mean an awful lot to the consumer who is just supporting their favorite brand. Consumers are extremely loyal to their brands.


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