Video Tutorial – 10 Tips For An OUTSTANDING Logo

A seasoned designer will sit down, sketch out some ideas and before you know it the completed design is being presented to the client. Well, from the outside looking in, it might look like that. The reality is a lot different. It take a lot of work before arriving at the finished outstanding logo. Questions will have to be asked and decisions made if you want a wordmark and a logo.

This video takes the lid off some parts of the design process and breaks it down in to bite sized chunks. There are some top tips included for the novice designer to get a head start and get going without spending any money and to eventually get that outstanding logo you dream of. 


Logo Process Tips

Tips presented of the logo design process that are covered by this video include:


Positive – Make sure your design has a positive message as opposed to a negative


Representative – Does your design address the needs of your target market


Mass Media – Can the logo design be used across a wide range of different media. From really small sizes to billboard size. See the infographic for the battle of the brands


Color – Do the colors clash or are they pleasing on the eye. You don´t want to put people off because your color scheme clashes.


Fonts – Is the logo easy to read at a distance or have you overused the handwritten fonts.


Layout – If the logo looks well balanced, it becomes easier on the eye.


Memorable – Can you remember the oustanding logo design and associate it with a business without seeing the name alongside?
Timeless – See the video.


Protected – Will you protect your new brand with a trademark registration or settle for copyright ownership.
Consistent – See the video.


An Outstanding Logo Can Be Achieved

This is the first in our new series of tutorial based videos. If you would like to see a video on a specific design subject, please add your comment to this blog post.

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