Logos beginning with the Letter J

Famous logos with J

So what do we have for logos beginning with the letter J ? Well it’s finally time for Friday Feature and ts all about logos with J. Last week we looked at the letter I

Let’s start with something sweet:


1. Jelly Belly Candy Company – a logo with J

World famous jelly belly. The shape of the jelly bean. Red an yellow logo

Also known as the Jelly Belly Candy Company, Jelly Belly are perhaps best known for their range of gourmet jelly beans. Once known as the Herman Goelitz Candy Company, the company was founded in 1898. However, it wasn’t until candy maker David Klein created the eponymous range of mini gourmet jelly beans in 1976 that the Jelly Belly name came into circulation.

Furthermore, the beans have been favoured by everyone from presidents to astronauts, with Jelly Belly’s beans having become the first jelly beans into outer space. This was in 1983 as a surprise treat for the crew of the Challenger shuttle.


2. Japan Airlines (JAL)

Japan Airline is also a company that has a logo beginning with the letter J. A royal swan in red. Circular logo


Second example for logos with J, the livery of Japan Airlines (JAL). Planes is known as the tsurumaru, which depicts a Japanese red-crown crane with its wings extended in flight. Interestingly, this logo was created for the company in 1958. (JAL having been founded in 1951) by Botsford. For instance, Constantine and Gardner creative director Jerry Huff, who chose it due to it symbolising such virtues as loyalty and strength.


However, the tsurumaru was replaced with a livery design known as The Arc of the Sun in the 1989. But in 2011 JAL’s branding reverted to its original red-crown crane logo.


3. Jack Wolfskin – A logo beginning with the letter J 

J for Jack Wolfskin. A paw print in yellow. Simple and classy logo


So, German outdoor wear and equipment producer Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981. Opening their first store in Heidelberg in 1993. More importantly, Jack Wolfskin is notoriously protective over their distinctive paw print logo. Unfortunately, with repeated and aggressive attempts at legal action having led to people boycotting their products on numerous occasions. Strange but true.


Perhaps the most baffling of these was seen in October 2009, when the company’s lawyers demanded payments from hobbyists for using paw prints in their handicraft designs. Even regardless of whether the prints were from wolves or not. Furthermore, Jack Wolfskin subsequently promised to attempt to open dialogues with those responsible for potential breaches of copyright before pressing charges.


4. Logos with J – The J. C. Penney

JCP is a logo that is easily recognized.

Forth example, The J. C. Penney Company was first founded in 1913 by James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus. An interesting fact is that, James Cash Penney started out his retail management career by opening a series of stores known as The Golden Rule.


So,  the first of these opened on April the 14th 1902. The company’s logo has changed on numerous occasions over the years. For instance, its current incarnation a rather minimalistic red square with a smaller blue containing the company’s initials located in its top left corner.


5. The best known logo with J – Johnson & Johnson

All red and in a decorate font for the last logo beginning with the letter J Johnson & Johnson

Last one up of the famous logos with J, Johnson & Johnson. Founded in 1887, a few years after brothers James Wood and Edward Mead Johnson were inspired to create a line of ready-to-use surgical dressings. This occurred in 1885 following a speech made by antiseptic advocate Joseph Lister. Just to name a few, Johnson & Johnson are responsible for a number of incredibly well known consumer brands. Including Band-Aid, Bengay, Carefree, Clean & Clear, K-Y and Neutrogena.


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