Marketing and Branding for a Veteran Audience

Marketing your patriotic business is a rewarding activity

First of all, a veterans audience consist of a large group of people. The veterans of this country are ones to celebrate. They have dedicated their service to the country and for that, civilians are grateful. As more people begin to enlist in military forces, the number of veterans will also continue to rise. Businesses should capitalize on the fact that veterans are a great consumer group to target. Through specific marketing and branding strategies, businesses have the opportunity to service veteran customers and sustaining that relationship. Showing that they support these important people with positive business practices can do many great and successful things for the company.

An American soldier in form of the US flag. Marketing your veteran business

Who is the Veteran Audience?

Veterans are an ideal audience group for several reasons. One is that they represent a particular image about America. They have enlisted and fought for the livelihood of the country’s citizens. Veterans are highly respected and considered symbols of freedom. They are a good audience for your business because they have financial stability. Military forces offer great pay and benefits for those who enlist. Once their service is complete, veterans are taken care of financially through the government. This means they have the financial means to comfortably make purchases, a plus for businesses.

Veterans are consumers in the business market too. They are people who are in need of goods and services, just like anyone else. But, they are also people who maintain a certain standard when it comes to finding a business that best meets their consumer needs. To draw in this audience, you must show that your business blows the competition out of the water. The only way to do that is to understand this demographic and cater your marketing and branding strategies towards what they are looking for.

Marketing to a Veteran

There are various ways that businesses can market to a veteran customer base that will guarantee positive feedback on their part. A veteran is not complicated, but they do like particular things and the way things are presented to them. Take a look at some of these strategies and see how you might incorporate them in your marketing plan.

Hire Veterans

When you hire veterans to your labor workforce, you are telling other veterans that you fully support them and what they have done for the country. You show that your company cares about the well-being of veterans by hiring them. And, you are giving them a future after they have fulfilled their service to the military. This shows you want to help get them back into normal, everyday routines in a positive way.

Be Patriotic

There is nothing that makes a veteran feel more comfortable when walking into a business and seeing how patriotic the company can be. Veterans appreciate when they see that businesses take the time to show their support for the patriotism of the country. Small things like having the American flag hanging against the wall or employees wearing little pins are subtle, yet powerful ways to show off your business’ patriotism.

Offer Veteran Discounts

Everyone loves discounts because it gives them a chance to obtain a product or service at a cheaper than normal price. It is even better to offer discounts for specific people like veterans because it makes them feel special from the rest of the population. Giving them a discount shows them that you are not out to make a lot of money on them. Your business is showing them that you want to give them a discounted price for goods or services because they deserve it.

These marketing strategies will help boost the morale and reputation of your company. Showing that you support veterans is a great way to prove you are not just a business. You also show that you are a business who cares about some of the most important people in our country.

Branding to Veterans

Branding matters to a veteran. This is because they want to know, just like any other type of customer, that they can trust in a business and what that business represents. They want to know that the business will deliver on its promises and stand behind their product. A brand means everything to a business as it represents what the business is all about and what it has to offer. Businesses should work hard daily to ensure that their interactions with their customers are meaningful and engaging. Marketing and advertising strategies should always be true and meaningful for the veteran audience. It can be as simple as telling a veteran at the end of a transaction, “Thank you, for your service.” This small, but powerful gesture can truly make a veteran’s day. They will feel more engaged and inclined to return to your business long thereafter.


Logos for Veteran Owned Businesses 

Just as important as your business practices should be, so should your logo that you choose for your business. Your logo should be a symbol of what your business represents. It should symbolize your values and your aim is to make it synonymous with your company name. Veterans pay close attention to business logos. They want to see that businesses have creative logos that are easily recognizable. If your goal is to attract the veteran audience, be sure that your logo will catch their eye and retain their attention. Logos can be simple or complex, but they should definitely be visual and appealing. Big organizations like the National Football League have an American Flag embedded in their logo. This subtle symbol attracts consumers because they may identify with an iconic symbol that represents their country.

Hand shake in from of the US flag. Marketing your patriotic business required symbols like colors in red, white and blue.

Wrapping Up

Veterans are a very specific type of customer group. They require particular marketing strategies that will engage them and make them want to do business with your company. Establishing set values and purpose behind targeting veterans is the best way for you to begin building relationships with this community. Make use of these helpful marketing and branding strategies. Your business may thrive and support the livelihood of these respected individuals. Your business will also feel good knowing that you have created a lasting partnership with people who have served the country that allows you to sustain a growing business in.

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