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Below are some examples of accounting logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the accounting sector. Do  remember that your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different business by using the drop down menu.

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Accounting Logo Design Explained

The best accountants are able to effectively communicate, use the most advanced technologies, and are able to set and achieve lofty goals. Therefore, good accounting logo designs should be able to communicate these traits. A logo design is the face of the business. It is the identity people assign to the firm before they have even met anyone associated with it. Here is how to choose the right logo for your accounting, bookkeeping, or CPA business. Logos for accountants must also look good. 

Logo Design Must Capture Attention

The overabundance of advertising, both online and offline, in today’s world can cause sensory overload to the viewers. Busy accounting logo designs simply blend into the crowd. Whereas a simple, understated, yet powerful logo designs stands apart from the rest. The logo must reflect the services offered, whether it be  logos accountants, a bookkeeper, or a certified public accountant.

The best logos for accountants are professional and powerful. Furthermore conveying prestige and integrity, yet simple enough not to look garish or cartoonish. There are some critical elements that go into such designs, including shapes and colors. The combination of shapes and colors within the logo should reflect not just your industry, but the individual personality of the firm itself.

Research some of your competitors’ accounting logo designs before making a decision about your own. You don’t want to choose a logo design that could be confused with one of theirs. You certainly don’t want to appear as if you’re imitating one. However, you can get some good ideas from other logos for accountants, such as what colors work well in a variety of formats. Which seem to capture attention easily among others? Which foster a sense of respect and authority?.

Logos For Accountants Must Reflect the Firm’s Services and Personality

Generally, designers use subconscious signals within accounting logo designs to convey traits of the firm. For instance, speed is often portrayed with the use of angular shapes, while friendliness and trustworthiness are symbolized by rounded designs. So a CPA or logos for accountants, who wants to promote their abilities to have tax forms ready in a jiffy might select a pointed triangle. Retirement planning accountant might opt for a square with rounded corners. The designers at The Logo Company are skilled at working with firms to portray the characteristics of the profession within the logo design. See one of our creations Scheirer Wealth  Management’s logo design 

Color is another important factor. The most commonly used colors in accounting logo designs are blue, green, and black. However there are several colors to consider when working with your design team to develop a logo. Blue symbolizes intelligence and precision, excellent traits in an accountant. Green is the color of growth and stability. Black is the color of strength and authority. Other options for logos for accountants are red, which characterizes energy and power. Furthermore purple which denotes luxury. White conveys purity and cleanliness, an ideal contrast color to incorporate within an overall design.

Less commonly used colors in logos for accountants that might work for yours include yellow, orange, and pink. Yellow is eye-catching, pink is especially effective when advertising to a female clientele. Orange is a more neutral version of red, which tends to be warmer and more approachable. Read more How to start your own accounting firm

Accounting Logo Designs Must Be Flexible

When choosing a internet logo, it’s important to picture how it will look in a variety of sizes and situations. For example, you want a design that looks nice in a gigantic sign in front of the office building, but looks equally good on a small advertisement or in the corner of your business card. Simple accounting logos designs are easier to translate to a variety of formats than more elaborate logos, such as the founder’s signature or a detailed drawing.

Also, visualize how the logo will look in black and white, as well as in color, because many print ads and other media don’t always allow for color versions. A bold yet simple design works best. Think in terms of other successful accounting logo designs such as Apple computers, Google, UPS Logistics, and the famous golden arches of McDonald’s. These symbols are as easily recognized on a small black and white ad in the Sunday newspaper as on a gigantic billboard over a highway.

Getting the Most Out of Your Accounting Logo Design

Once you’ve selected amongst accounting logo designs and the design team has it exactly how you want it, then the logo design is delivered to you in an array of file formats for different uses.

The different file formats are necessary for different applications. You’ll have the right format for adding to your website, social media profiles, print advertisements, business stationary, business cards. In the event that your data is corrupted or lost (such as a damaged hard drive, fire, or natural disaster), The Logo Company keeps copies of your accounting logo designs so you can retrieve them and continue business as usual. It is usually very appreciated. 

All of the design work and changes made by your design team are included in the total package. You don’t have to worry about running up a big bill while getting accounting logo designs just right. To make things even faster and more affordable, packages are also available with stationary and business cards. For one, low price, you get everything you need to get your company off the ground from a marketing perspective. The Logo Company is your one stop shop for accounting logo design and more.

Try The Logo Company for your accounting logo designs

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a logo design for your business.  Above all, the process for developing your accounting logo designs with is quite simple. You will be assigned a team of five designers, who will work for three days to come up with five separate designs. Then you can choose. Of course, you can make any changes you like to the accounting logo designs offered to you. Until you are completely satisfied with the logo. This is a full satisfaction service that we back up with an unbeatable 100% guarantee.