White: A Symbol of Purity and Power

White is such a powerful color so let’s look at who and why people would use it in their logo designs.

A hand in white soapy water symbolising the colts white and it's purity

Those who follow the strictest definition of color will not consider white a color at all. But for the purpose of this article, we’ll forego this strict definition and continue to refer to white as a color. After all, it’s one of the most pure and multipurpose colors marketing professionals can use.

Some use white to represent an empty space or a background to let other colors pop in contrast, but white can be much more than that. 

White as the Main Character

Instead of a secondary color or something that makes other elements stand out. White can be the main character for a lot of industries. To understand whether or not white is a good primary color for your brand’s color palette and logo, let’s learn more about what the color symbolizes.


Most of all, white is often associated with cleanliness and innocence. After all, the purity of white can also be linked to a sense of simplicity, balance, transparency, and clarity. Furthermore, these qualities are highly sought-after in multiple industries. From beauty and personal care to technology and finance.


White’s powerful character is quiet but still effective. For instance, the calmness the color communicates shows confidence and credibility that only those with authority and the right expertise can claim. The power of white combined with other logo elements like impactful design and simple typography can help evoke a brand’s cool, collected, and credible personality.

Five Types of Businesses That Can Benefit from Using White in Their Logos

As mentioned, there are plenty of industries where white can be the main character of a brand’s logo rather than a supporting element. The quiet power and pure, timeless elegance it symbolizes are excellent for businesses in these industries:


Above all, white symbolizes purity which can also be translated to transparency and clarity. For instance, these are the values that customers who want to invest look for in a financial services provider. Businesses in the finance sector, such as cloud-based private equity operations or investment banking, can convey their brand’s credibility, transparency, and promise of better financial health. By combining elements of white and green in their logos.

Health & Wellness

Another example is that, white is a perfect color for health and wellness brands. First of all, it signifies purity, which can be associated with a brand’s use of natural ingredients. By also, can symbolize the brand’s commitment to reaching the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Both clear indications of top-tier healthcare businesses.


In tech, businesses offer a more digital and streamlined way of doing things.  After all, modern simplicity can be best represented by the color white. The clean and powerful color can serve as a backdrop to highlight the innovative products and services of a tech firm. 

Wedding Services or Bridal Wear

Everybody knows, white has been the most widely used color for weddings. Especially bridal wear. White’s purity and grace complement the celebration of pure love. Mostly in wedding ceremonies and receptions. That’s why businesses that cater to such events use this color to create a strong association between their brand and weddings.




For brands that offer products designed to care for the skin, white is the way to go. High-quality skincare products strive to promote effective, gentle and, most of all, safe ways to achieve a glowing and fresh complexion. Using the color white can help communicate these characteristics. It can help highlight the values of the skincare brand without saying too much.

What to Keep in Mind When Using White in Logos

So, the use of white in your branding, especially logos, should be reviewed thoroughly. Make sure to be aware of how white is perceived in the areas you’re marketing to. For example, in China, the color white has long been associated with mourning and death. Therefore, it’s important to conduct market research. Even some testing to see how your logo will fare in a certain region or locality.

Another practical thing to keep in mind with using white in your logos is that the white easily get dirty. When printing on any surface, make sure you’re using high-quality ink or paint that doesn’t smudge. However, it’s also important to ensure that highly exposed branding like storefront signage or vehicle decal should always be cleane. So your brand can continue to be associated with white’s pure and powerful character.


Wrapping up – The use of white


In conclusion, in a world where gimmicks and maximalism seem to reign, it’s important to avoid riding the wave. Creating your own path. Most importantly, you can stand out even with simple yet effective branding. Even when it seems like white is too simple a color. Choosing elements that represent your brand and its values is crucial. Doing so will help you attract the right target market.

Thinking of using white for your brand’s logo? Get in touch with The Logo Company today to get started.

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