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Caricature logo designs are fun and memorable

Below are some examples of caricature logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients. It’s obvious that your caricature logo will be completely unique to your business. These are real examples Only to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change logos to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Caricature Logo Designs Explained

Caricature logo designs are unique in advertising because they can lend a very personal element to the design. In a caricature, the artist creates a cartoon-type design based on an exaggerated, often humorous physical likeness of the business owner. For this reason, logos with caricatures work extremely well in small to medium-sized businesses where the owner or main character is closely associated or synonymous with the brand.

Of course, this style of logo is not just for businesses. Many people have them designed for social occasions, like engagement or wedding announcements and events, birthday or anniversary parties, graduation celebrations, or retirement parties. Choosing a caricature for social occasions help set the tone for the event, and provide a unifying theme to printed materials.

When You Should Consider Creating Caricature logo designs

A caricature logo conveys a more lighthearted, friendly business style, making it ideal for family centered businesses like restaurants and party planners. They also work well for local pubs and grills, when the business wants to convey a neighborhood atmosphere. Businesses for children, like pediatric dentists and daycare centers are also good choices for this type of branding.

Are There Too Many Color Choices?

Generally, it’s up to you however, color choice plays a huge role in the design. Furthermore, they are more lighthearted and comical, and the colors should reinforce that message. Famous colors

For example, red is a color that commands attention. While it can signal danger or aggression, it can also be very lively, friendly and stimulating. Red is more often associated with masculine characteristics like power and motion. Used sparingly, red can reinforce the message in a log design.

Blue is the color favored by more people than any other color. Depending on the hue, it can evoke many different feelings and emotions. Navy blue, for example, is the color most associated with reliability, stability, and trust. Medium shades like royal blue and turquoise look clean, efficient, and environmentally conscious. Light blues are calm and inviting. Light and medium blues are especially appealing to children.

Yellow is the color of optimism and creativity. It is friendly and attention-grabbing, but in a less demanding way than red. Yellow is stimulating and emotional; on the negative side, yellow is also associated with caution and fear, as in the derogatory phrase, “a yellow streak” referring to cowardice.

Green is universally recognized as the color of balance, which makes it a very good choice in caricature logos. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum, which makes it a more neutral color; it won’t detract from the text or image. See more examples Cartoons on Pinterest by TLC

Do Fonts Matter for Caricature logo designs?

Many people mistakenly think that only the color and the image itself are important. Actually, different fonts evoke very different psychological responses. The best logos use clean modern or display-style fonts. Because the design itself is the focal point of the logo, the font choice should reinforce the message behind the logo, not compete with it.


Consider fonts like Helvetica and Calibri, or universal favorites like Future or Avant Garde. Your logo designer will show you several good font choices that will support and enhance the branding behind your logo.

Versatility in logos

It is important to remember that your cartoon logo design will need to work well in different sizes. Being clear and recognizable on small items like business cards and invoices is key and should work equally well on large signs, billboards, or even vehicles.

Your caricature logo design should also look good whether it is in full color or black and white. Many print media, like newspaper ads and flyers, only reproduce your logo in black and white, so work with your designer to make sure it maintains its impact in black and white.

Make It Memorable

The best caricature logo designs with brand heroes are highly memorable and instantly recognizable. Think of the Pep Boys logo: The unique, funky red font and clean black and white caricatures capture attention and are easy to remember. Even if you can’t remember the name of the business, you would instantly recognize the logo.


Keep It Simple

Remember that the purpose of a caricature logo is not to tell your customers everything about your business and what you do; that’s the job of your marketing materials. Your logo is the physical representation of your brand, the emotional hook to your business. When you choose a logo, it is important not to clutter the message with too many other elements like excessive text, extraneous objects, or even too many complicated colors. It should focus on the caricature itself, the person or character behind your brand. These are Simple looks

Limited color schemes for logos

Short and simple text that’s to the point. Limited color schemes that reinforce the emotional connection behind the logo are best. Remember, your customers don’t usually study your logo, they glance at it in the course of interacting with your business. A simple logo is easy to remember, and subconsciously connects with your customers. Some cartoon logos are comical Economy cartoons

In conclusion, we have a highly skilled team of designers and cartoon artists who create fun, lighthearted caricatures perfect for incorporating into the new caricature logo design we design for you. Our process is unique, because it puts you in control. Once you complete a caricature logo designs request, a group of designers will brainstorm ideas and create at least five sample concepts for you to review, all in less than a week. It’s great fun too and you are going to love watching it all come together.

Our work is also backed by our 100 percent no-questions-asked guarantee. If we’re not able to design a super logo you like, you don’t pay for the process. It is as simple as that. Let our professional design team create a memorable, effective and fun caricature for your business today. The right visual identity is an investment in the future success of your brand.