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Below are some examples of painting logo design we have created from scratch for our clients in the painting and decorating sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. However, these real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Decorating, Remodeling & Painting, Logo Design Explained

First of all, companies that offer painting services understand the importance of appearances. Their staff members work daily to create aesthetically pleasing decor for their clients. Perhaps from understated walls in an office to bright, colorful hallways in an art gallery. For this reason, painting contractors must have a painting logo design that reflects their professionalism, creativity, and skill.

Furthermore, having a memorable, impactful logo is not optional for businesses that create visually pleasing finished products for their clients. Subsequently, here are some major considerations in creating such a logo.


Choose the Best Imagery to create impactful logos for painters. 

Firstly, there are several trends among painting logos. For example, many companies will incorporate the tools of the trade into their logos’ imagery. Expect to see items such as paintbrushes, paint rollers, paint cans, and houses. Furthermore, house painting logos that incorporate the image of a home emphasize this specialty. However, if your company specializes in painting other types of buildings, having a house in the logo may limit people’s understanding of your services. 

Leet’s take companies such as All-Women Painting in Philadelphia and One Man and a Brush in the Atlanta area both feature a painter in their respective logos. However, one of the most iconic images related to this industry is the Dutch Boy Paint logo, which features a bright-eyed, blonde youth. By including a graphic, photo, or drawing of a person, the painting logo design  emphasizes the talent and skill of the individuals who come into your home to perform a specific and high-profile jo. That is to say, painting your walls and ceilings. Seeing a smiling person in the logo may also reinforce the trustworthiness of a company.

In a few cases, logos for painters include splashes of paint. While these images highlight the materials these companies use, it can give the impression of sloppiness because clients do not want to hire a company that splashes paint on surfaces. This is an example of an image that does not communicate a company’s professionalism and skill, so it is best to avoid splattered paint.


Paint Your Logo With Color

For many consumers, selecting a paint color is one of the most important aspects of having their home repainted. That is why painting companies need to take great care in considering which colors to use in their graphic logo. Some companies such as Jaworski Coatings, Painting, and Decorating in Florida use rainbows in their logos for painters to emphasize the important role that color plays in any paint project. Furthermore,  logos with multiple colors can communicate the message that your company is versatile, can perform a range of services, and even serve as a consultant in color selection.

Most importantly, if you decide to use one to three colors, consider the message the colors convey. Then, decide whether those messages fit with your painting company. Red prompts people to think of characteristics like strength and warmth. We know both of which are good qualities for a painting company. Perhaps even better are the feelings the color blue produces. It is associated with intelligence, trustworthiness, and efficiency. Furthermore, most painting companies strive to convince potential customers they possess these attributes, which is one reason blue is a common  color for logos for painters. 

However, other colors carry and convey different connotations. For example, yellow expresses creativity and confidence, and orange offers feelings of security and warmth. Furthermore, emphasize a commitment to sustainability by incorporating green into the logo design. Particularly for painting companies as a way to reinforce the environmentally friendly aspects of your value proposition. This may be especially important for companies that paint the exteriors of home because their paint has a higher chance of coming into contact with the ground, plants, and animals.


Build Your Brand 

As you well know, color and imagery are two key factors in building your painting company’s brand. However, the brand rests on more than just these two pillars. More importantly, your brand, or the public’s impression of your company, also comes from typeface.

Are you looking to show that your company is a well-established, traditional service provider?. Opt for serif fonts such as Bakersville. Perhaps, you are hoping to capture clients who have large, elegant homes?. Consider using a script font that mimics the flourishes of cursive handwriting. For instance, typeface that is bold and blocky conveys strength, while fonts that slant forward (i.e. to the right) give the impression of moving forward.

Slanted typeface is a good fit for a company that specializes in painting homes that are decorated in a modern style. However, resist the temptation to choose a trendy typeface that may look outdated in a couple of years.

Know Your Approach when decision on a Painting Logo Design

Another aspect of creating a logo design for painters is the use of a tagline or other verbiage such as a web address. Furthermore because many painting companies perform other services such as interior design, home repair/builders, and drywall repair. Therefore you may want to include in your painting logo a short list of the top three services you offer. Other selling points that may earn a mention in your logo include free estimates. Being insured and bonded, locally owned, and the year the company was established. Each of these items helps to build credibility with the public and could strengthen your logo.

Because so many logos in the painting industry are similar, consider an approach that will set your company apart while still effectively communicating your brand. For example, avoid using the cliché images altogether and just go with your company name in an eye-catching typeface. Think about using a symbol that’s not directly tied to your industry but conveys an attribute you want to reinforce. A classic example of this strategy is the Nike check mark.

Even though paint companies are in the business of creating, that does not mean you necessarily have the time or resources to design your own logo, and it’s a mistake to consider free painting logos that are low quality. Let the professionals of The Logo Company match you with members of its experienced staff who know how to help you identify and communicate your brand and value proposition. It only takes us three business days to develop several options for you to consider for your painting company, and we do it with a full understanding of the importance of the logo to your industry. We can help Home builders success and branding guide.