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Below are some examples of patriotic logo design we have created from scratch for our clients. Please remember, your forever logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Patriotic Logo Design Explained

(Red, White & Blue)

First of all, when you create a patriot logo design for your business or brand, there are a few basics to keep in mind. Just to be sure it can have broader appeal. For instance, hundreds of clients and potential customers will see your logo every day.  As they browse your website and read through your printed materials, so make sure that the logo is authentic. Possibly flexible, meaningful, distinctive, and has longevity. In addition, consider the meaning behind the colors that you include in your logos for patriots. Following is a list of factors to consider when creating a logo of this genre.


Authenticity is key to logos for patriots

Most importantly, choose a design that honestly represents the brand, because a patriotic logo design that is misleading or confusing will not benefit your company. Patriotic logo design for  companies should include bold and visually appealing colors, and they should display text that is honest about the product. Furthermore, if you want to use a military logo, make sure to get proper permission before you create something that uses copyrighted text or images. Read our FAQ TLC about copyrights. More so you can incorporate symbols that also signify national pride, which vary depending on the country represented.


Flexibility in graphics.

Since you will have some printed materials that will display the logo, make sure that the design is flexible. If you choose a full-color design, ask the designer to also draw it up in black and white, as well as grayscale. Anything copied or printed on a black and white printer will have this style of patriotic logo design. If the image looks distorted or difficult to read, go back to the drawing board until you have something that will work both ways. You cannot assume that every printed material or promo item will have the option to print in full color.


Meaningfulness above all in logos for patriots

A patriotic logo design will have a lot of meaning for residents, so this is easier to achieve. However, as you create your unique design, be sure that the feeling that clients get from the logo will be true and straightforward. Some companies try to manipulate the emotions of their potential clients by embellishing information, but this can lead to legal problems. When you choose your patriotic pictures and text, keep the facts straight. A good example of this is The Future of America logo, which features patriotic red and blue text and a multi-colored star.


Distinctiveness and simplicity for a patriotic logo design

When you create your patriotic logo design, you might feel tempted to design something that is very complicated. However, some of the best logos  for patriots are simple and easy to explain. When you talk to your print shop, you want to easily describe the logo so that they will print it correctly. For example, the Costco logo is basic yet instantly recognizable, with the company name written in red and blue text.

When you send over your design for printing, the company knows what to look for and can alert you if something is missing or cut off in the file they receive.


Color Psychology 

Color emotion guide can help you when deciding. Most patriotic logo designs within the United States include red, white, and blue. Red is a strong color, especially when used in a logo, as it can invoke feelings of aggression, power, and passion. However, blue is a nice complement to red, conveying intelligence, trustworthiness, and a sense of duty. White feels clean and hygienic, so it is a great addition to a patriotic logo. Most importantly, these colors together give a sense of national pride to Americans who view it. The Mall of America patriotic logo design uses red, white, and blue, along with a star and ribbon design to promote American pride.

However, if you prefer to stick with colors that will provide a calming effect. I would choose green, purple, and pink . Green is tranquil, harmonious, and balanced, while purple feels luxurious and elegant, and pink is warm and nurturing.


Consider your feelings when creating a patriotic logo design

As you consider the feelings that you want your  logo to give, you can select colors that will go along with the emotions. In some cases, certain colors may not look great together, so make sure to test the patriotic logo design among focus groups before you distribute materials or items.

Bright shades of yellow or orange are also very eye-catching, such as the Ferrari logo that features the yellow background along with the horse and patriotic Italian flag design.

Above all, if your brand has an earthy and natural feel, shades of brown and gray will be the best way to convey these elements. For instance, brown gives off a feeling of reliability and seriousness, while gray is more neutral and plain. Since these colors are neutral, they will typically look good on just about any brochure or giveaway item, however can also feel dull if they are the only colors used in a patriotic logo design. Typical patriotic logo for one of our clients CVV Transcripts

Using colors that correspond with your country’s flag will invoke feelings of patriotism and national pride. There is some flexibility on shades, but when the logo matches the familiar flag, it will be easier to identify the country of origin.

Longevity – your patriotic logo will last longer than you will 

Above all, when clients look at your patriotic logo design, many will use that design to make judgements about your business. After all, if you have an outdated design, some may avoid doing business with your company because they may feel that your business practices will reflect this feel. Furthermore, as you create a design, choose classic elements that are basic and will stay in style.

More importantly The New York Yankees logo is a great example of a long-lived and enduring patriotic logo design, with a baseball background and Uncle Sam’s signature hat sitting on top of a baseball bat. Above all, this will continue to work for the organization since it encompasses what the organization fundamentally represents.

Typography in patriotic logos – can always improve over the years

There are thousands of fonts available online, so the days of choosing between ten basic font styles are gone. For instance, you can select a script font that will fit with a local, small-town brand. However use caution and make sure the font is still easy to read. Your patriotic logo design ’s font can convey a variety of emotions in customers, which can generate feelings that your company is more reliable, trustworthy, unique, modern, strong, elegant, or creative.

Furthermore, the font choice is an important aspect of patriotic logo design. For inspiration, check out the Pepsi logo, which has a colorful bubble and a fun font that makes customers excited to drink the product.

With all of this information about varieties in patriotic logo design, you might feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities. The Logo Company can design a logo for your business, and our team of graphic designers understands what each aspect can convey to future clients.