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To have an event business is fun if you specialize

Have you always dreamt about starting your own event coordination business? Do you love parties? Do you love planning all the details, like music and décor? Starting an event coordinating business may be a great career path for you! As fun as parties are, you’ll have some dirty work to do. Contacting multiple businesses and vendors, as well as being on call for your clients, are all part of the job.

If you still feel that you would be a successful event coordinator, then it’s time to develop your marketing and business strategies. After some careful planning, you’ll be ready to implement these strategies to grow your business!

Coordinating Events

As an event coordinator, there are many types of events that you can assist in planning. The most common type of event coordinators may be wedding planners. Weddings involve months or even up to a year of planning ahead. As the event coordinator, it will be your job to smooth out all the details and make sure a bride and groom’s big day is perfect. It is a very saturated market for wedding planners but you can made it. Other types of event planning can be general part planning. Birthday parties, graduation parties, sweet sixteen parties, hosting a fundraiser  and family reunions are all popular events that could use an event coordinator.

Taking on the Work In Your Event Business 

In your event business, you could offer a variety of services. You may specialize in coordinating specific areas of events, such as flower arrangements and other decorating details. On the other hand, you may offer the full service of planning an entire event from start to finish. This includes compiling a guest list, contacting all the vendors, and overseeing the event while it’s happening. Obviously, the more work you have to do as the coordinator, the more you get to charge your clients.

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Creating connections and working well with others will be a very strong skillset you need to have as an event coordinator. Not only will you be communicating frequently with your clients, but you will have to contact vendors and other businesses very often. You must be able to multitask and be responsible for all this coordinating, but you must also be a people’s person. Having a friendly and calm demeanor will be integral to a successful event coordinating business.

Marketing Strategy for Event Coordinating Business 

As a private event coordinator, you must be able to network with other businesses. In order to know which vendors to call for specific needs, you must have those connections! A great example is networking at wedding showrooms. These showrooms are often large events that feature all types of vendors that would be involved in a wedding. This includes event coordinators! Utilize this event to meet new people, hand out business cards, and discuss your services with possible new clients.

Socialize Online!

Using social media will be a very important part of marketing your event coordinating business. It would be wise to create a website. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest to direct traffic to your website. Using social media will attract your target market through photos and important information. As a side note, social media is another fantastic marketing tool for networking with other businesses.

You will need to create an eye-catching event logo and a set of business cards to represent your event coordinating business. Once you decide on the name of your business, you should design a logo that reflects it. There are many custom logo design companies that can help you along the way. If you are new to logo design, choose a combination of colors and imagery that complement each other. You want to attract attention to your logo, but remember that sometimes less is more! Don’t crowd your logo with too many details just because they look nice. You may also want to include your logo on your website or any social media advertising.

Branding Strategy for Event Coordinating

To brand your event coordinating business, you may want to create a style of planning that is unique to you. Of course, there are some fundamentals in your style that are crucial to successfully coordinating an event. You must be highly organized and prompt at all times. From there, you can decide on how you leave a custom touch to all your events.

Taking Care of the Client

While you leave your mark on every event you coordinate, remember that paying close attention to your client’s every need is still the top priority. It may sound strange, but part of your job will be to make sure you can fulfill everything a client asks for. You may not agree with everything they want to do, and your advice in these areas is acceptable.However, making sure the client is happy is the most important thing. Your branding strategy will be very strong is you can develop a way to cover a client’s every request.

Wedding chairs. If you start your event coordination business you are very likely to host and plan many weddings.

Aside from catering to their needs, you may be required to be on call at all times. This means a client should be able to contact you via phone or another means during any time of day. An exciting part of an event coordinating business is knowing that plans or details can change at any moment.

You must be prepared to take action and resolve the matter as soon as possible. Another aspect of being on call at all times is being prepared to console or make your client feel confident. When your client hands over all the responsibility to you, it may be easy for them to become paranoid that not everything will go as planned. Be available to soothe your client’s mind and ensure that their event will be remembered for how wonderful it was.


Conclusion – Your Event Business should be unique and specialized

There is a lot of planning involved when you start your own business. As an event coordinator, you will need to decide what types of events you want to specialize in. Once you decide on basic foundations of your business, you can build your marketing strategy. After that, you can work on the branding strategy to grow your business. If you can keep up with the hectic yet rewarding industry of event coordinating, you will have a successful business!

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