The Evolution of the iTunes icon

Interesting icon looks over the years for the famous giant iTunes

Despite what people say about iTunes, it is still one of the most popular ways to download and play music on Macs and PCs alike, especially with the invention of the iPhone.

iTunes has had a few bumps along the road to success and these bumps have included variations and adaptations of the icon, which has at times caused quite a bit of frustration for loyal users. With the latest version of iTunes came the most disgruntled responses. I know I was upset at first by the button-like logo that appeared on my desktop after the latest update. But this was not a mistake on iTunes part. They seem to always know what they are doing, even down to logo and icon changes.

So let’s take a look at how the iTunes logo has evolved over the past few years.


1. Original iTunes icon happened in 2001:

Original iTunes icon in 2001. Three notes on a CD

2. iTunes 2 2002:

3. iTunes 3 2003:

4. We have arrived to icon number 4 anno 2003:

5. iTunes 7 2006:

6. Finally a more modern icon look according to our times with iTunes 10…

iTunes icon is a blue button with a note inside in black

This latest incarnation of the iTunes icon specifically was designed to match icons in the App store and coincided with the release of Apple’s new operating system and greater integration between apps and devices (such as iPhone, iPad, and Laptop). This incarnation also gets rid of the CD, which is becoming a dated way of playing music. CD sales are dropping and digital music is becoming the way of the future. This adaptation makes sense and exhibits forward thinking on the part of Apple.

While many scoffed at the new custom logo design, which at first felt very foreign and even a bit dated in its style, we can now see that actually Apple’s designers knew exactly what they were doing. They even managed to maintain the overall feel of the icon while updating it to go along with other software updates. In a word? Brilliant.

What do you think of iTunes icons? iTunes history is interesting. Do you have a favourite? Were you upset with the latest adjustment to the icon or do you really not care? Do you need free icons to use on your website

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