Top Five Robot Logos

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This week’s Friday Feature is all about forays into logos featuring robots. It seems a lot of logo designers have a soft spot for our little (or sometimes big) metal friends, and some of the logos they produce as a result end up getting attached to some rather famous companies. For example…



The logo of the Android operating system is arguably one of the most well known of those listed here. A simple but highly recognisable design, the eponymous little robot is always depicted in ‘Android Green’, the Pantone print colour of this being PMS 376C. The Android droid is often shown getting up to all sorts in both official and unofficial artwork, from break dancing to being a bee (this being the logo for Android’s Honeycomb OS release).



Transformers’ Autobot and Decepticon logos have gone far between just appearing the franchise’s TV shows and toys. Popping up on motorcycles, graffiti and more besides, you’re never quite sure of where you’ll see one of these iconic logos next (although you only really need to worry if you start seeing more Decepticon than Autobot symbols).



Bad Robot is the given to Lost creator J J Abrams’s film and television company. Its production logo, which has featured in various programs since 2001, features the company’s distinctive red robot running through a darkened field in silhouette before suddenly appearing in front of the camera accompanied by the voices of Henry and Gracie Abrams saying “Bad robot!” Despite being a little creepy he’s actually quite popular; you can even get an action figure of the little guy.



Slovakian IT security company ESET are best known for their award-winning antivirus program NOD32. However, they also have a rather distinctive logo that frequently features an impressive-looking android (this often in addition to their older all-seeing eye logo). Similarities between this android and the one in 2004 science fiction film I, Robot (Sonny) are frequently drawn.



A logo designed for Heartless Robot Productions, an experimental record label. The robot itself is pretty cool, if a little scary as it rages across the city shown in the logo. Maybe it just needs to take a leaf out of the Tin Woodman’s book.


As you can see, robots are certainly a pretty popular feature of contemporary logo design!


If you know of any cooler robo logos then be sure to tell us about them in the comments below. Alternatively you can send them to us on Twitter @thelogocompany or post them on our Facebook page. Speaking of robots, here’s a rather cute one we found recently.

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