Understanding Brand Image: What It Is And Why It Matters

Why is brand image important? Well, in the incredibly competitive world of business, brand image is more important than ever. More than just a logo or a catchy slogan, your company’s image is what people associate with your business.


For instance, McDonald’s is known for its golden arches, UPS for its black and yellow logo – what makes your business stand out? 


So, in this post we’ll delve into the power of brand image, why it matters and how to build a strong one for your business.

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The Power of Brand Image

Most importantly, a brand image is classed as the overall perception that consumers have about a brand. It can include elements such as:

  • Your visual identity (including your logo, typeface, colors)
  • Tone of voice
  • Customer experience
  • Your company’s values

So, your brand image is what sets you apart from your competitors, helping you to build customer loyalty and trust. 71% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service from a name they recognize, so developing a positive brand identity can have a huge impact on how people perceive your business.


Developing your brand image starts with working out your brand story. It will help you bring your brand to life and help you connect with your customers.

Building a Strong Brand Image

More so, a strong image requires a deliberate and strategic approach. This can help you establish what your brand values are and how you can connect them with your target audience in a visual way.

Design a logo

Of course, the right logo can have a huge impact on how people see your business. Brainstorm some ideas about your brand so you can understand it better. For example, what words would you use? Ask yourself, what mood  you want to convey? What font do you need for your brand to stand out?

Try some sketches or look for some logo design inspiration to help you create the perfect logo for your brand. 


Craft a memorable tagline

From “Just do it” to “Because you’re worth it.” some of the world’s biggest brands have a tagline, and you can too. Think of something people remember and keep it short. 


Ensure consistency across all of your communications

To implement your brand successfully, you need to maintain consistency across all of your communications. From your social media to your email signature and website, maintaining brand consistency can build familiarity among your clients for great results.

Maximizing Sales with a Recognizable Brand Image

For example, a strong brand image can help boost your sales by influencing consumer behavior. As your customers become more familiar with your brand, they’ll develop positive associations that could mean they choose you over your competitors. In time customers will develop more trust in your brand. Therefore, adding value to your business and that can drive sales and revenue. Well, this will continue thanks to word of mouth, as customers share their experiences and recommendations with others.

The Impact of Location on Brand Image

If you run a local business, your location can play just as significant a role in shaping your business’ identity. Whether you’re placed as a luxury brand or one that’s focused on sustainability, consider the different elements you can incorporate into your brand to help cement its place in the industry.

Establishing an Effective Brand Image

What does it take to establish an effective brand image? Some steps you can take include:

Conduct market research

Market research can be a key step for businesses. It can tell you a lot about your target audience and your competitors, helping you to build a brand that people can engage with. 


Work with branding experts

Working with branding experts can help you develop your brand image. Use professionals to help you establish what your business is about and to design a brand that fits. This can ease a lot of the stress, while ensuring a slick, polished end result.


Focus on quality and providing an excellent service

While the way your brand looks can be an important part of marketing your business to others, you also need to focus and quality and providing excellent services to your customers. Consumers want the whole package, so make sure you go beyond simply style over substance.

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Leveraging Brand Image for Success

Once your brand image is in place, you can leverage it to use for a range of opportunities. Tell your story. Whether that’s collaborations with other businesses and influencers to reach a broader audience, or seeking sponsorship opportunities, having your brand image in place will give you a solid foundation to take your business further. From there, you’ll be able to focus on creative and effective marketing campaigns to help sell your brand to others.

Boosting Sales with a Well-Defined Brand Image

Maintaining consistency is key to boosting sales. So, you should focus on building an authentic brand that resonates with your audience. Perhaps even, helping to establish a positive brand image that can translate into sales. Ensuring a satisfactory experience will ensure your customers become brand ambassadors. More so, further exposing your brand to a wide audience.

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Enhancing Brand Image through Strategic Location

More importantly, if your business has a physical location, ensure it’s an extension of your brand image. Your location should align with your brand’s identity and become recognizable to your target audience. So, do create a strategy that will use location to enhance the overall brand experience. Further adding to the positive perception of your business to others.


Brand image is a powerful asset that can have a significant impact on your company’s success. Building and maintaining a strong brand image requires some strategic planning, consistency and really getting to know your audience. Investing in a positive brand image, both online and offline, can help you increase customer loyalty, improve sales and revenue to help your business thrive.


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