What Does A Brand Manager Do Really

Of course you must have wondered what a brand manager does? For real ! Then this is for you. In this article I will explain the role of a brand manager, responsibilities, skills involved. Also touching on the benefits on hiring a brand manager and what kind of strategies are effective for brand management. 

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Table Of Content

1. Essential Role of a Brand Manager
2. Responsibilities of a Brand Manager
3. Skills and Qualifications Needed
4. Benefits of Hiring a Brand Manager
5. Brand Manager’s Impact on Business Growth
6. Top 5 Effective Strategies for Brand Management
7. Collaborating with Marketing and Advertising Teams

Essential Role of a Brand Manager

As a brand manager, you play a significant role in shaping your company’s perception by defining its values and mission. In other words, it is your job to create a robust brand image that resonates with your target audience while keeping it relevant and appealing to consumers. That is to say, it has to make sense to customers. But most of all the brand has to be recognizable at all times. 


Among others, you main responsibilities include developing brand guidelines and messaging that sets your team up for success. Stay attuned to industry trends and consumer preferences to make informed decisions that drive growth and success. By leveraging your expertise, you can create a unique, inspiring brand that stands out in the marketplace. Sounds easy right? Well a lot of the company’s future lays on your shoulder so don’t mess it up. Check out what a strategist does as their role is different.

Responsibilities of a Brand Manager

So if a company is looking for a brand manager then the responsibilities could be one or several of the following: 

  • Doing market research to keep up with customer trends and think about future possible changes in the market
  • Meet customers exceptions with successful marketing campaigns and strategies to managing online platforms. 
  • Keeping track of the money and looking after junior staffs training
  • Organizing events and introducing new products to the market. 
  • Analysing previous and ongoing marketing strategies 

Skills And Qualifications Needed

Well, a brand manager needs many qualifications. Self-taught or acquired in school. First of all you have to be a good people pleaser so that people like you and therefore will like your campaigns, follow your lead and move the company forward. With this you need to be extremely analytical and attentive to details. Of course, while keeping an eye on the budget so you don’t upset anyone above you. 


Being able to manage junior teams is must and develop ideas of your own while listening to other peoples input. A real team player with an eye on trends and open to change. Furthermore, a good written command and understanding on how to research the numbers is also essential for a role as a brand manager. 

Benefits of Hiring a Brand Manager

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Of course there are many benefits of hiring a brand manager. Most of all, a brand manager is responsible for making a brand’s marketing activities better. Therefore, a business can benefit from hiring a brand manager. As a brand manager you can try to create a unique identity for the brand that makes it different from its competitors. In fact make your brand memorable so popped keep coming back for more. The goal is for customers to just put your name in the browser immediately without using any search words in google. They should just know your name and that where a brand manager comes in handy.

Making people more aware of the brand and loyal to it. Another task for a brand manager is to make sure the brand’s message is consistent in all the places it’s talked about. Like for example, on social media, in ads, and in the news. After all, this makes the brand’s reputation stronger and more visible. You might want to try marketing a podcast with an influencer spreading your good word. Just to enhance the reputation of the brand. 

Lastly, the brand manager can watch what’s happening in the market. For instance, how people act, and what competitors do, to give the business ideas for better decisions. Overall, hiring a brand manager can help a business make more money over a long time. Read more if you need one person to look after your brand.

Top 5 Effective Strategies for Brand Management

1. Consistency: First of all comes consistency, which is the key when it comes to brand management. For instance to ensure that your brand values, messaging and tone are consistent across all channels and platforms.


2. Storytelling: Brand storytelling is a powerful tool that can create a strong emotional connection with your audience. Therefore, develop a brand story that resonates with your target market and communicates your brand values.


3. Reputation Management: Third example, also crucial to maintaining a positive brand image. More importantly, monitor and manage online reviews, feedback and mentions to protect your reputation.


4. Brand Positioning: An extremely tricky one as the competition is fierce. However, try to develop a unique and effective brand positioning strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. Perhaps try to identify the areas of your business that make you unique.


5. Social Media Marketing: Last one up, social media marketing. Obviously a vital component of brand management. It’s imperative to use social media channels to engage with your audience. Share your brand story and communicate your values. Always aim to create authentic and meaningful relationships with your followers.

Brand Manager's Impact on Business Growth

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I believe that to have a brand manager is important for  your business. Most of all they know how to create and communicate a brand’s message to the right people. Creating marketing plans to make the brand stand out in the industry and build trust with customers. Making sure its consistent across all channels. Finding out customers needs and preferences to offer relevant information. All of these help businesses grow and earn more money. Furthermore, brand managers are very important for a business to succeed. However, make sure you understand the difference between a brand vs a company.

Collaborating with Marketing and Advertising Teams

Of course it’s important to mention that working with marketing and advertising teams can help businesses achieve their goals. After all, communication is important to work well together. Having clear goals and responsibilities is helpful. For instance, transparency is also valuable. Sharing metrics and data can help with marketing and advertising strategies. Being open to new ideas and creativity is good too. Therefore collaboration between business, marketing, and advertising teams is important to make campaigns effective and benefit the company. Above all, everybody needs to be on the same page. 

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up, its not easy to get a good brand manager as the title is rather new and a lot of digital marketers also call themselves brand managers. Some people come from accounting businesses or the retail industry. Most brand managers are self taught and are driven by their curiosity to know what happens if I do this to that. Do make sure you know when the time is right and that you know what you want to see in a brand manager and find out exactly what you expect for him/her before you hire one.  Salary varies a lot so there’s no guidelines there. Well, none that I would be comfortable giving. 

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