Wedding Logos and Stationery

Why do you need a logo and wedding stationery for your big day?

Wedding logos do not need to be expensive but it will add glamour to your big day.


Weddings are an expensive business

Wedding Logos for your wedding ! Believe me or not but the average cost of a wedding in the US in 2011 was around $25,000, and with 2.5 million weddings taking place every year, the wedding industry makes billions. However in 2022, the cost has gone up to $27,000 and is probably higher due to Instagram influencers and social media in general. Thankfully, a wedding logo does not cost that much.


More importantly, it was during the first half of the 20th century that many of our current wedding traditions were introduced. Turning modern weddings into an industry. It used to be a small affair with just the closest family but nowadays, glamorous weddings are the norm.



Wedding dresses to love or not!

Black dresses. Not my cup of tea but every wedding does not have to be traditional so let your wedding be the way you want it.


Who says that you have to wear white? Vera Wang Fall 2012 wedding dresses


Classic white wedding dress from 2022 by a Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt. White wedding dresses by Ida 


The cake! Pink and glamorous 

Furthermore, the big spends for your special day can include catering, clothing, flowers, music, venue hire etc. Putting a lot of emphasis with particular importance on the cake, the bride’s dress and the wedding rings. Where do wedding logos come in?


Pink cake with roses. Incredibly expensive. Why not try to design and make your own. Nowadays, internet provides many possibilities.


A designer wedding cake like this one can set you back over $500 or more. Just take a look at FB or Insta to see all the amazing home made creations people have added. Im amazed at all the cakes. Unlike other industries there is no one major company that provides all of the important elements. Instead, it is necessary to use smaller, often local, businesses.


As you can see then this makes organizing a wedding a complicated business. Interestingly, this has in turn seen the creation of wedding planners who will take care of it all for you, for a fee. Further more they usually come to us to order wedding logos or stationery design for you.


Wedding bands can be in silver or gold, with our without diamonds. Make sure you don't get a too small one as you want to be able to wear it all your life together.


Wedding bands


At The Logo Company we have created a number of wedding logos and wedding stationery for businesses in the wedding industry, but there are ways that we can help you if you are the one getting hitched. Invitations, menus, name cards, thank you cards; we can design all of these for you, adorned with your own personalised, professional wedding logo.


Wedding logos and wedding stationery gives something extra to your big day!

Whether you are looking for a traditional looking design or something more modern, we can create something that will fit the bill. You can get wedding logos from us just look at our many happy customers in our Wedding portfolio

Invitation cards can be very decorative and here you have the possibility to add your own personality to it. Pink and white card.


Traditional invitation design from Wedding Bee. Read more on logo ideas for weddings added facts.


In conclusion, yes you do need to add wedding stationery to your big day, Firstly it will add glamour to have your own, professionally designed invitation card. Secondly wedding logos adds that bit of extra spark to your day. Furthermore, on a personal note, I hope you live happily ever after because love is really everything we are here to feel. For each other and one another.  Take alook at some heart shaped logos for inspiration for your look.

Example of one of our wedding logos.

One of our wedding logo design for The House of Wedding. Cute ring on the "o"

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