Whistle While You Work: Starting Your Own Maid Service

If you want to run your own business, and you think cleaning homes and commercial businesses could be your forte, you may want to start a maid service! Maid services can vary greatly in size. You may prefer to work more intimately in homes, or you may want to assemble a crew to tackle bigger jobs.


In order to have a successful maid service, you will need to design a marketing and branding plan. Follow the steps below, and your strategy will be as squeaky clean as a waxed floor! Follow your dreams and passions


Everything a Maid Does

The first thing you’ll have to decide about your maid service is if you’ll be working on your own or with a team of maids. It may go without saying, but you will obviously book smaller contract jobs as a solo maid than you would with a team of employees. If you choose to work alone, a lot of focus will be on you. You have to be a very responsible and efficient worker. If you work with a team, the responsibilities can be distributed. There is less pressure. At the same time, you will have to have good managerial skills. Directing a team of maids will require a lot of work on its own.


No Matter the Size

No matter the size of your maid service, you will need to decide what services you will offer. Do you clean private properties and homes? Do you clean commercial operations instead? Or do you book both contracts? The type of services you offer will depend on what types of properties hire you. For homes, expect to complete more domestic tasks. For large, commercial buildings, you will need to schedule your time very differently.

A dark silhouette of a woman with a duster. Branding your own maid service requires a good logo

Running your own maid service will require you to have a lot of cleaning equipment. You can either rent this equipment, or you can invest in important tools you need to use regularly. An arsenal of cleaning chemicals is needed. Provide yourself and your team with protective gear. You may even need to rent industrial-sized cleaning equipment like vacuums or carpet shampooers. Having a van to transport your employees and your equipment is also vital. You may even need more than one.


Marketing Strategies for Maid Services

One of the most fun parts of marketing your maid services is coming up with a creative logo. The cleaning logo will greatly define what style your team brings to each job. Perhaps your marketing edge is that your maids are fun and friendly people. You may advertise that you can complete a job in a record amount of time. Whatever special quality your maid service has can be effectively portrayed through a logo. Make sure to use eye-catching brand colors and imagery, as well.


Go Big On Advertisements!

Many maid services utilize public advertisements to market their business. You will also want to take advantage of this. If you use a van to transport your team and cleaning equipment, have your logo displayed in a visible area of it. There are many other forms of public advertisement too. Billboards, park benches, and fliers are all great ways to advertise your maid service. If you have the money to invest, you may also consider using T.V. or radio advertisement to your advantage. Don’t forget about social media! Create a Facebook page for your business. There, you can push ads that will reach hundreds or even thousands of people at a time.


Another fantastic way to market your maid service is by offering packages or special deals. For instance, first-time customers can receive a special one-time price. Another deal could be if a business books repeat business with you, they could receive a discount of some sort. Don’t price out each cleaning service individually. If a regular customer hires you to do the same set of multiple jobs on a consistent basis, they could pay a monthly fee. You can even offer coupons around special events or holidays!


Branding Strategies for Maid Services

How can you brand your maid service to separate yourself from the competition? Before anything else, quality is key. After all, the best way to show how good your services are is by providing good service! Timeliness is absolutely key. Any business or private owner that hires a maid service will expect the same quality of work every time. Having as little mistakes as possible will make a big impact on the success of your business.


Working Odd Hours

How frequently do you see maids in homes or at commercial businesses? Probably not very often. Maid services often work odd hours. The best time to clean homes and businesses is when they’re not occupied. Expect to work either very early mornings or late nights. Being able to do this will be great branding for your business.

a green apron and yellow cleaning gloves. Starting your own maid service requires good reputation

Finally, no matter what hours you work, or the type of “dirty work” you are doing, always be a friendly and hospitable person. If you and your cleaning crew are happy people, those hiring you will see that. Always have a smile on your face, and always be open to communicate with anyone you need to. After all, you are being invited into offices, homes, and private spaces. You must be a trustworthy person, and your friendliness will reflect that.


Conclusion – starting your own maid service

You can see that there is much more to running a maid service than “whistling while you work.” Especially if you own the business, there is a lot of work you will have to do. Assemble a team or crew of maids that will be just as passionate and responsible as you are. Everyone in your team needs to be trustworthy and friendly people. You will also have to consider all the equipment you will either rent or purchase to do your job. Investing in advertisements will be just as important. In order to brand your maid service, you must be prepared to work odd hours. Consistency and good quality work are key. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have a successful maid service!

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