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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the cleaning sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Cleaning & Janitor Logo Design Explained

When you think of animated blue scrubbing bubbles, what brand comes to mind? A logo’s true goal is to be an instant visual identifier for your company. Cleaning company and janitorial service logo designs should have certain elements to represent the company in a unique and identifiable way.


The Science Behind Logo Design


It can seem simple to slap together a logo with some text and imagery. Some companies do try to make their own to save money by putting the company’s name inside a circle or other shape. This is a poor design because it has no concept or thought process behind it so the end result is that no one will connect with it. A logo is more than just a symbol, it is the company’s identity that represents the brand and leaves an impression on the viewer. You need to make sure it is the right impression!


Everything about a logo, from the color, font, shape, size, and direction, will create an impression on consumers. The smallest elements can make a huge difference in how the company is perceived. Designers know how to navigate that to find the best representation of who your company actually is and what it stands for.


Deciding How You Want to Be Represented


The next step in figuring out your logo is asking how you want your company to be perceived. First, narrow it down to the type of cleaning you do. This will help define your design. You don’t want a logo that is associated with car detailing when you clean houses. Your branding should be clear to your potential customer to avoid confusion.


The most important thing you need to decide is the exact purpose of the design. What message do you want the consumer to feel or understand when they look at your logo? A great designer will be sure to ask you the right questions to gain a complete understanding of what you are looking for in a design.


The Message Behind the Logo


If you want a domestic cleaning logo, an image of a broom with your company name over the image is not a good design. This is because there is no message, simply an image and words. The best logos are the ones that contain a message focused on the consumer.


You can look to famous logos to figure out what message you want to represent. For example, Apple’s famous design is an apple with a bite taken out of it. The apple is a reference to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. They took a bite from an apple that grew on the Tree of Knowledge. Therefore, Apple’s message is that their products are fruits from the Tree of Knowledge and that you should take a bite to experience it.


To hit closer to home, look at Mr. Clean. On every product, Mr. Clean is a strong man wearing clean white clothes and has a clean-shaven head. Notice all the visual cues for clean in the design? The company’s logo has really come to life, as Mr. Clean has become an animated figure in commercials, demonstrating the cleaning power of their products.


When you hire a designer, you will not have to do all the work trying to come up with an image that cleverly represents the message you want the consumer to perceive. The logo will be created with open communication between the designer and the yourself. As long as you discuss the core values of your company and what you want the customer to perceive from your business, the designer will present suitable ideas and suggestions.


Elements of an Effective Logo Design


There is no standard of what makes a logo good or bad. Every logo will be different and say something that has not been said before. However, some basic elements make a design effective in its goal to resonate with consumers.


It must be easy to describe. Let’s go back to the examples used before. To describe Apple’s logo, you would say it is a flat image of an apple with a bite taken out of it. To describe Mr. Clean’s logo, you would say it is a smiling bald man in white clothes with his arms crossed.


The logo also has to be memorable so your company is easily brought to mind when a similar image is seen. Both Apple and Mr. Clean achieve this. The design must be scalable, meaning the small sample image should easily transform onto a billboard without looking odd. Lastly, the design needs to perform these points when the color is taken out of it. This is where sketching in pencil first comes into it´s own.


Don’t Copy Competitors


Without realizing it, you may send ideas for a logo design and the message you want to see from it only to receive a finished product that looks eerily similar to your competition’s logo. Before you start to figure out what you want to say, research your competitors so you know what to stay away from. You want to be inventive and unique to stand out from your competition.


Why You Should Choose The Logo Company


We are one one of thousands of design companies on the internet that can design your logo. What makes us different is the dedication we have for your design. The Logo Company assigns a team of five people to craft your logo by hand. We collaborate based off the information you have given in our questionnaire to ensure the design is the highest quality and represents what you want it to. We are the only design company on the internet that has hundreds of verifiable client testimonials on TrustPilot the independent service review site.


In three business days after placing your order, the team will give you a handful of design samples for your review. You choose the design that best represents your company and list any changes you would like to see. The final design will be created and the files will be sent to you in all possible formats you would need. The Logo Company also keeps a copy of the design in their system if you need it again.