Passion Plus Logo Design Equals Successful Business

A lady changing put-on up her sign with the word "open" A small business owner is made out of passion and a good logo design

Is Passion Enough To Create A Successful Business?

Will passion plus logo design equal a successful business ? As the heading says, is it ? Enough. You go around imagining what it would be like to do what you like with your time. I undertand this better then most having run a company on passion for the last 23 years. You come to a point where it no longer feels like a job but a way of living. I dare to say that when that happens, you know you are living the way you wanted to. Money or no money. For me, passion plus logo design equals success. Let me tell you a bit more. 

How Do You Get To Run A Small Successful Business

When starting a small business, you need to create a solid business plan, identify your target market and competition. Probably also secure financing, choose a legal structure, register your business. Not to forget to  comply with taxation laws, brand and market your business. Finished off by managing finances effectively, and provide excellent customer service and hiring dedicated employees as your business grows. Sounds pretty stale right? Well, of course all these things are really important but and this is a big one, you need PASSION. For what you do and what your dreams are. I believe the most important ingredient in a successful small business is passion, therefore passion plus logo design is true.

pink hearts on a pink background to symbolize passion for logo design

Many things need to be taken into account when you run the day to day life in a successful business. Its never easy and I will give you an example of what my typical day looks like. Most importantly, I have an abundance of PASSION for my beloved business TLC, The Logo Company. Well, the clue is in the name.




1. Good Morning The Logo Company – The Bookkeeping

First of all, the bookkeeping. The dreaded bookkeeping. I absolutely hate it and yes regardless of how many times I have changed systems and tried to make it easier. It still gets me down. Passion plus logo design does not equal fun bookkeeping! Only me looking at what comes in and what goes out. Making a rough estimation of the taxes to pay and the extra costs this month. 

Amazingly this part of the job never changes. Be careful with the tax man’s money. Don’t ever spend that or you logo design business or any other business will NOT live long. 


2. Getting The Logo Design Orders To The Designers 

Well, this is the fun bit of the day. Counting the orders. My pleasure and passion plus logo is to make sure that each and every customer gets the right logo designer to work on their project. You start off with 5 different ones. Read all about the process. Our designers are as passionate about logo design as we are. Some companies, for instance, keep coming back and sometimes ask for the same designers, every time. A proof that they are happy and give us great testimonials. See TrustPilot for example. 


3. Passion Plus Logo And Email Time! 

Time to look at the emails that I have received from the different customers. Most of my emails never gets older than 12h but I do have to sleep as well. Not really “passion plus logo feeling”  but it needs to be done. Most requests are easy revisions with or without attachment. However some jobs are tricky and people themselves get very passionate about their business and the way that they have envisioned their logo design. The designers are really good at guessing what people want since most of us don’t know what that is.

However they are not magicians and every revision or edit with take up to 2 working days. All our work is scheduled like that regardless of how important you are. If you shout, that is to say write in capital letters then you won’t get it done any quicker. Simple, No abuse is tolerated. 


4. Time To Run For Inspiration And Passion

At this time a day I go for a run. I clear my mind and let new logo design ideas come to me. Different shapes are made in nature. In the lanscapes, the sunshine, the water or anywhere beautiful. It’s very spiritual actually, to just let everything go. One of my favorite logos to make are spiritual logos but that is not shared by all of my customers or designers. I think that the passion plus logo design for companies working in the wellness business can easily be noticed. 

Anyway, this is the favorite part of my day where I solve things and sometimes stop to take notes on my mobile if I feel inspired. This is where I make decisions. I guess it used to be during smoking breaks but thankfully that has evolved. 


5. Spam, Spam Go Away 


Unbelievably, I put almost 1 hour per day to go trough spam. I do it all manually as sometimes real emails manages to sneak in there and I do want to answer all my customers ASAP. Its actually incredible the amount of spam I still get even if I have a top spam aware system. To reduce spam emails, don’t open suspicious ones. Another way is to use the “junk” or “spam” marking feature, unsubscribe from unwanted email lists, and consider a spam filter. In my experience, following these steps will clean up your inbox and make for a more efficient email experience.


6. Correct Blogs, Write Blogs, Order Blogs

As you may have noticed, I write, buy, and correct blogs a lot. Sometimes re-writing old ones to update them to the latest SEO. Furthermore to make sure they have the right amount of headings, metatags, links and well, everything just right. This is a difficult job as rules keep changing and I need to try to keep an eye on all of it. At The Logo Company we have 3 content writers and one digital marketing person. Their day consists of finding keywords and to write new original content based on the latest trends.

 Nobody knows everything so I find HubSpot Academy really useful for tips and training on stuff I don’t know. I must admit, their videos are easy to look at and you can work while getting more knowledge. 


Why do you need to have a blog with new content ?

Most of all, it’s important to have an active blog to increase credibility, connect with your audience, and improve online visibility. By creating engaging content with valuable information, you can establish yourself in your field and attract new customers. You will show them and tell then just how passionate you are about your business. Regularly updating your blog can also help improve your website’s SEO and increase its ranking, leading to better visibility and more traffic for your business. If you are passionate about what you do then you do need a good engaging blog to go with your successful business. Above all, keep in mind these benefits and make sure to keep your blog updated to improve your online presence.


7. Setting Up The Printing Orders 

A lot of customers love to get their newly created business card, banner, flyer or brochures printed by us. Understandably, you want to see your logo design in print. Passion plus logo and great marketing material also go hand in hand to achieve success.  Remember that most people will come back to your website, store or stand if you sell something that you are passionate about as the quality will be visible in so many different ways. Therefore you need to get your important stuff printed. 

Above all, the printing industry has made significant contributions to the world’s development, producing essential documents like books, newspapers, and flyers. Creating numerous jobs and contributed to the world’s economy.  As well all know, the evolution of printing has undoubtedly made history, greatly shaping the world we live in today. As a professional, it is exciting to anticipate what the future holds for the printing industry and the new innovations that will emerge.

A computer standing on the edge of a fence in the garden. A cup of coffee to the right hand side. A typical outside office working day view at the office for me


Wrapping up! – All it takes is passion plus logo to create a successful business

Well, in conclusion it also takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Over the years, I would say that number one in creating a successful business is passion, then comes a good product followed by a solid business plan. The one thing to keep an eye on is the paper work. The taxman always needs to get his money first. Regardless of how much you have to do. As a last few words I would like to state that to have passion for what you do key to your success. 

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